Bad candy

Dateline: Thu 20 Oct 2011

Every child loves candy, but some parents and activists are now raising the alarm: sweets are not so sweet when they are produced by child labor slaves in West Africa.

Thanks to the blog Good Food for giving us an education about Hershey (the worst offender), Mars, Nestle and the U.S. division of Cadbury -- think Snicker's, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Butterfingers, Kisses, etc.

I know, life is complicated, but as Good Food blogger/mom Kristen Howerton points out, you do have choices in the USA -- buy free-trade chocolate (such as that produced by Paul Newman's kitchens, or other products marked free-trade.) Or just give them all bubble gum or hard candy, or apples. No razor blades, either, despite the Joan Rivers joke: "I hate children. WHAT, YOU DON'T WANT APPLES FOR HALLOWEEN???? THEN JUST GO AHEAD AND EAT THE RAZOR BLADES!!!"

If this was a "Mad Man" episode, we'd have Don Draper and Crew furiously writing ad copy to save the wrappers of the poor candy manufacturers....things were so much simpler before we got a conscience. (and the Internet).





indykjsharp [unverified] said:

She's baaaaack!

Bad candy? Is there such a thing? I guess, seriously, there were articles recently in the NYTimes about kids who were duped into slave labor at Hershey under the guise of internship programs. Bad candy = Big candy. Buy local.

But... I have as yet to find the equivalent of a Reese's cup, and the teevee commercials are so clever.

2011-10-20 15:37:21

hendy [Member] said:

Prevent slavery and bad conditions: know what you're eating.

This, however, doesn't make the fact that I discovered I'm allergic to chocolate any easier.

2011-10-20 15:42:39

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