Craig Dubow quits Gannet; he has a back ache

Dateline: Thu 06 Oct 2011

No kidding.

My back would hurt, too, if I had to carry all those bonuses and millions around. Thanks to Hendy for sending this link.

Also, here's what Gannett blog is saying:

"'s likely there will be broad, company-wide changes nonetheless (in the wake of Dubow's stepping down).

"The business plan is focused on cutting costs to stabilize profits, while pushing digital initiatives to boost revenue, which has been declining for years. Inevitably, many executives will use today's CEO change as reason to retire, either voluntarily or under pressure -- creating a company-wide ripple effect down the ranks."

Gracia Martone is taking over.  She is age 60, and Gannett Blog says her elevation from No. 2 to No. 1 "shows the board wants to continue the conservative management style and business plan developed during Dubow's term." Yuck.

Meanwhile, he could collect as much as $37 mil in retirement and disability benefits. Tell that to the working stiffs.

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hendy [Member] said:

Look at how much HP paid their short-timer, embarrassing CEO. $37M is just enough to keep his poor limo in gasoline.

And people wonder why there's a Wall Street Protest going on. Corporate America is the new shadow government.

2011-10-07 07:38:17

VladtheImpaler [unverified] said:

Burn in Hell, Dubow.

2011-10-07 16:05:13

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