Guild to rally Wednesday

Dateline: Mon 28 Nov 2011

Here is the update from the Indianapolis Newspaper Guild of the Indianapolis Star, regarding its ongoing efforts to negotiate a contract with Gannett and educate people about the corporate chain's parsimonious practices. (note -- this event was first slated for Monument Circle, but it will be moved to University Park due to pending bad weather):

"INDIANAPOLIS -- Journalists and building services workers from The Indianapolis Star will rally outside The Star at noon Wednesday to call attention to cuts in news staffing and wage reductions that come as the paper remains profitable and company executives reap large bonuses.


"The noon rally by The Indianapolis Newspaper Guild will take place on the same day contract negotiations resume between workers and representatives of Gannett, The Star’s parent company.

"Gannett wants to continue a wage freeze, maintain 10 percent wage cuts enacted two years ago and outsource some jobs -- perhaps up to 20 percent of The Star’s newsroom -- to Kentucky.

"The Guild is seeking to restore the 10 percent, an annual cost-of-living increase and to keep newsroom jobs from being shipped out of state.

"The Guild has several key points of concern with Gannett’s position:

*The pay cuts and wage freezes that have hit workers come as The Star remains profitable and top Gannett executives have been paid multimillion-dollar bonuses. Gannett’s CEO recently received a $37 million retirement package.

*Gannett has cut The Star’s local news and building services staff by 44 percent in the past three years. This has hurt The Star’s ability to cover news about suburban communities, business, the environment, faith, government and other areas.

*The outsourcing proposal would send page design and possibly copy editing jobs to an office out of state. At a time when the local economy is struggling, jobs held by people who live here would be outsourced. For the paper, it would mean The Star’s award-winning design staff would be dismantled and people who may have never even visited Indianapolis could be responsible for proofing the daily paper.

“'We’re trying to show people in Indianapolis what’s happening to their hometown newspaper and the people who work there,' said Guild president Bobby King. 'At a time when The Star is very profitable, when its executives receive obscene pay packages, we have Star employees sifting through food pantries and a news operation struggling to fulfill its important role in the community.'”

"What: Rally at The Indianapolis Star

"Who:  Journalists and building services workers from The Indianapolis Star

"When:  Noon, Wednesday, Nov. 30

"Where:  University Park, across from The Star, 307 N. Pennsylvania St.

"Why:  To protest cutbacks in news staff, pay cuts, outsourcing and corporate greed"

With thanks to Bobby King, Guild president, for sending this information. Here is his contact info:

Bobby King, president

Indianapolis Newspaper Guild



Joe Stuteville [unverified] said:

2011-11-29 08:24:37

George Stuteville [unverified] said:

My heart is with my former co-workers. I fer this will not end until The Star is gutted completely and turned into something a lot like a free suburban newspaper.

2011-11-29 09:14:54

Marycatherine Barton [unverified] said:

George Stuteville's comment is so true.

2011-11-30 03:11:58

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