Ryerson is priceless

Dateline: Thu 10 Nov 2011

I just love this. The wheedling, the whining, the "we don't know what to do, please tell us" tone, with the promise of the reward -- more newspaper! (Tell that to the Indianapolis Guild, which is hanging tough in negotiating a new contract).

A friend who lives Downtown received the following letter in email form today:

"Dear Reader,

"Back in September, I announced in my weekly column how we planned to make some changes in the way we approach the Sunday Star.

"As we continue to look for better ways to serve our Sunday readers, we wanted to reach out to you and find out  how we're doing and how we can improve your Sunday Star reading experience.

"In order to collect your feedback, we've created an online survey which asks you to share your thoughts on the Sunday Star. The survey will require 5-7 minutes of your time.

"Please share your honest opinions. If there's something we need to improve, we want to know about it. If you're completely satisfied, we want to hear that too! All responses will be held in confidence and will be evaluated only as part of the group of surveys from all participants.

"IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR TIME, FIVE LUCKY PARTICIPANTS WILL WIN A FREE SUNDAY SUBSCRIPTION FOR ONE YEAR." (blogger's note: this is in red type, but I am using caps for emphasis)

"We appreciate your assistance as we work to improve the value of the Star for you and for all of our readers."

Dennis Ryerson

Editor and vice president"

BTW, I think all this is code for: we are making some changes, chumps. Go ahead and give us your lousy opinion, so you can be part of the illusion that you actually count for something.

Here's the link -- take the survey and go get that equivalent of a new suit at Robert Hall!







indykjsharp [unverified] said:

The "Sunday Star" is newspeak for "The Same Star Yule Git in Anytown, USA." Rebranding, my a**

2011-11-10 14:05:40

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

A Sunday subscription to The Star as a prize?

How about something of real value? Like a canned ham.

2011-11-10 14:21:27

hendy [Member] said:

There's already too much pork there.

Isn't it nice to fish for ideas? Free? Chance of something for free? Sucker bait. Focus groups. Management-think. Their ratings are obviously dismal, so fish for bright suggestions. Ah, leadership. Ah, Corporate America. Gack.

2011-11-10 14:43:36

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