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Dateline: Thu 26 May 2011

When the New York Times Week in Review weighed in May 14 with an "analysis" piece about political wives, "Marital Matters and the 2012 Election," I felt confident that Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana was fini when it came to throwing his hat in the ring.

The NYT piece noted pointedly that, altho Cheri Daniels had "no shortage of stories" during a recent much ballyhooed speech in Indy, the one story she did not share was how she married Daniels twice.

As the Times observed, most of us in Indiana had already heard and/or bought the party line from the governor: "If you like happy endings, you'll love our story."

But that's a bit glib for the national media, and both Mr. and Mrs. Daniels know it. Hence the decision not to run.

When Daniels was running for governor the first time, I read the divorce papers et al (which are a matter of public record).  The story is messy; she felt ignored when he was an exec at Lilly, she met someone, she left, he pursued, she divorced, he still pursued and refused to allow their four daughters to go with her to California, where husband No. 2 lived. Hence she was persuaded to buy a home close to his and share custody of the daughters. And eventually to remarry.

Daniels came across in those records as someone who fought hard to get his ex back and reunite his family; he prevailed.  But to construe that as a simple happy ending (which, presumably, it is indeed, for simple Hoosiers) would never past the smell test for the aggressive, invasive national media, whose business it is not.

Hence the Daniels' divorce papers, character issues, etc., would have been paraded about for all to consider and discuss.

Who needs that? Not someone as smart as Daniels, who wisely listened to the women in his family. And then, incredibly, took heat from a letter writer to the Star for paying attention to what wimmen-folk think. That alone, said the writer, made him unfit for presidential service.

'Twas a no-win situation from the get-go.




hendy [Member] said:

Apparently it was ok to be governor, where the papers don't dig too deeply. Like finding out about his major pot bust. We're all guilty of something that would make a grandmother blanche, I suppose.

2011-05-26 17:19:11

Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

But you left out the part that Cheri's "someone else" was married (with children) when she left Indiana for the California doctor.

And, rumor has it, the doctor's ex-wife is damned pissed that Cheri's made out to be a heroine for going back with Mitch...after having trashed another man's marriage in the process.

I suspect this story still has legs.

2011-05-26 19:47:20

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Hendy is SPOT ON

The lazy damned media in this town is Daniels's bitch (apologies). He slaps them around like the lapdogs they are.

The marriage-California-divorce story never rang true. That said, he's now a lame duck,

Quack quack. Let him be. He ain't worth it. Not sure he ever was. Napoleonic.

2011-05-27 17:59:48

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