'Truly an exciting time'

Dateline: Wed 16 Mar 2011

More Gannett-speak, straight from the top:

From: A message from Craig Dubow <fromCraig@gannett.com<mailto:fromCraig@gannett.com>>
Date: March 7, 2011 8:06:22 AM EST
Subject: Gannett Launches Corporate Brand Campaign

A Message From:

Craig A. Dubow
Chief Executive Officer

Gracia C. Martore
Chief Operating Officer

Dear Colleagues:

Today, we are launching Gannett’s first corporate brand campaign, including a new logo, tagline, mission and vision.  This is an exciting milestone in our company’s history and an important one.  It represents the many significant changes we have made together over the last several years and the culmination of that great work.

Advertising begins today in support of this campaign.  We have ads running on national television, digital and print, and throughout our entire network of broadcast, Captivate, digital and print properties.  This morning, if you watched the local news on one of our television stations, opened up one of our newspapers, or logged on to one of our web sites, we hope you saw our new brand featured in our ads, in our new TV newscast close and in our print and online mastheads.

We have changed in so many positive ways in recent years.  The brand launch is the natural evolution of that transformation.  It’s time for our company image to reflect who we are today and the tremendous value we bring to our consumers and business customers.  We offer everything our customers want and need to connect and engage with the things that matter most to them anytime, anywhere and on any platform – and, we want to communicate that message broadly.

An important strategic goal of our brand campaign is to raise awareness of Gannett’s name.  Our new logo helps achieve this by focusing on and elevating our corporate brand in a simple, straight-forward and contemporary way.

Our new tagline – “It’s all within reach” – speaks to the many benefits we offer.  For consumers, we provide easy access to the information they want, when they want it, on every platform.  For businesses, we deliver innovative marketing solutions that help put their goals within reach.  For employees, we offer rewarding careers and opportunities to grow.

We are adding the phrase, “A Gannett Company,” after the names of all our properties to create a more direct link between the Gannett corporate brand and our businesses.  When people see this linkage, they start to connect the dots.  They begin to recognize that all of these great brands are part of the same company, Gannett.  We are so proud of both our local media organizations and national business brands.  They have established great credibility and trust in their communities and throughout the industry, and they will continue to take the lead positioning role in their respective industries.  This will help us create more recognition and opportunities for our corporate and property brands – across platforms and businesses.

Our corporate mission to enrich lives, to help clients succeed and to lead the transformation of our industry was designed to unite all employees across every Gannett business and create one shared vision for our future.  Our vision statement conveys what we aspire to achieve going forward and that is to be the trusted, leading media and marketing solutions company at the forefront of a new era in human engagement.

Today, we are also launching an updated corporate web site at gannett.com<http://gannett.com/> which promotes our full portfolio.  We feature our new brand and employees from across our businesses on both the site and throughout our ad campaign. We encourage you to visit our web site and our intranet site to see all of the brand materials, including our ads.

We have an incredible history at Gannett and we are very proud of it.  Our commitment to delivering the highest-quality journalism is fundamental and unwavering as we continue to grow our business.  Each day, our media organizations and digital properties engage, inspire and inform millions of people.  The work you do literally changes lives and communities.  And, for our business clients, we are aggressively expanding our digital and mobile brands like PointRoll, ShopLocal and CareerBuilder to help their businesses succeed.

This is a really exciting time for us as we launch this new campaign. Thank you for all you do and for making the Gannett family of brands such a valuable part of so many people’s lives.


news junkie [Member] said:

I think Gannett already is a well-known brand in the media industry. Its 'incredible history' is known, too, about delivering the 'highest quality journalism'...(and in the invisible ink) 'with the fewest people as possible.' That 'enriching people's lives' must refer to corporate management, because, well, you know, journalism costs money. Yep, that's quite a media brand.

2011-03-16 06:34:03

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

The huge newspaper ads are a puzzle. They seem directed at a young audience which will not read newspapers or even follow the news. The ads and strategy statement say nothing, they are merely self congraulatory blather about Gannett being, well, what?

And the fuss about a new logo in their news release in the Star? The new logo is as undistinguished as the old logo and in any case, what does it have to do with anything? There is a sense of hungry desperation in the ads and news release, a desire to be relevant but no understanding of how to do that. Gannett can put sausages in the supermarket but they have lost the recipe for making them.

These smell of Wall Street ads, positioning the comapny for sale: focus on the bun and forget the meat.

2011-03-16 06:38:33

Nicolas Martin [unverified] said:

This reminds me of the Comcast rebranding campaign, Xfinity. It has achieved such rousing success that Comcast now has 8 percent of the market for movie streaming, compared to 67 percent for Netflix.

Lipstick on pigs.

2011-03-16 08:06:52

VladtheImpaler [unverified] said:

Wonder if you're indeed onto something there, Tom Greenacres -- "positioning the company for a sale."

Who'd want it? How about Waste Management.

Death to Gannett

2011-03-16 17:06:45

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Nicolas--you are SO right. Full advance warning: this is a minor thread hijack, which swerves back to the Gannett point.

Comcast's name has become dog crap to consumers--Comcast is the antithesis of "Customer Service." That fact isn't even in doubt any more. They know it, and they rebranded.

In too many of their markets, they won't spend the required money on infrastructure. They add on customers beyond their capacity to properly serve them. Think: a garden hose with eight extensions and sprinklers. Or a garden hose with one or two sprinklers. As technical as they try to make it, that's exactly what's happening with cable service in Indiana. There is no requirement for them to remain productive. So they sign on customers and once aboard, you're on your own.

And we Hoosiers gave up regulation of cable TV a few years ago, another Republican idea hatched out of "get govt. out of our lives" mantra. So if you've got a valid cable complaint, you might as well piss in a garbage can. They know they don't have to listen.

Those clowns, AT&T too, respond when they have govt.-imposed oversight and rules: only so many customers per square mile without adding boosters.

They're regulating themselves. Our dumbass legislature went along with it.

Gannett should be so lucky. Their "brand" isn't quite as tarnished yet, but they're certainly working on it.

2011-03-17 07:10:23

OINK [Member] said:

Better yet, why don't they sell their newspapers and go into Plumbing Supplies -- or something they have a passion for. It's ertainly not newpapers.

2011-03-17 07:58:45

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

HR Outsourcing Consultants.

That's what they pretend to know.

Lord knows they've got experience--all over the country.

2011-03-17 10:09:18

Roberta.X [unverified] said:

Tell The Truth: not to defend Comcast, but if you do not like them, ddefund them.

They are not the only game in town; kick them out and go with AT&T's Uverse, DirecTV or Dish Network. Or go with over-the-air, online and/or Netflix for your entertainment.

Customers can "regulate" bad providers right into the dust -- and they otta.

Same way I regulated Gannet when I no longer needed the newsprint to line catboxes: I called up and cancelled.

Gannet delenda est.

2011-03-26 11:47:57

melyssa [unverified] said:

Gannett has virtually no value to me and never will

I prefer alternative media and the internet

2011-03-28 15:08:00

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