Dateline: Mon 07 Mar 2011

The New York Times on Sunday (Sunday Styles) reports that Charlie Sheen's episodic bad craziness, recently in full flower, has resulted in a new verb: "sheening."

As in, "We were just sheening our heads off..." and "Then we did some Charlie Sheening and we were just fine." (This from Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of "South Park." And besides, it's all over Twitter.)

The word, explains the Times, connotes "partying, questionable decision-making and public humiliation."

But when this was mentioned at a Vulgarians' birthday party yesterday -- 8 women, age 64 and up, mostly Jewish friends -- one friend (77) pointed out it won't fly.

"It's too close to sheeny," she said, referencing a deragotory and dated insult for Jews.

So no sheenying with my friends, puh-leeze.



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