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Dateline: Tue 21 Jun 2011


This is what Indianapolis Business Journal's Cory Schouten is reporting:

"The Indianapolis Star on Tuesday laid off 62 employees including more than 15 percent of its newsroom staff in the latest round of cost-cutting by Gannett Co. Inc., the newspaper's parent company.

"Among those laid off in Indianapolis were 26 newsroom employees including 12 copy editors and eight reporters, mostly those covering suburban news. The Star also eliminated 19 open positions, said Robert King, the newspaper's religion and philanthropy reporter and president of the Indianapolis Newspaper Guild.

"'The Indianapolis Star, I’ve been told repeatedly, continues to make money,' King wrote in an e-mail. 'Yet Gannett, and its corporate bosses in Virginia, seem to view workers not as assets but as liabilities on a balance sheet.'"

Thanks to those who sent this before I had a chance to check IBJ website. You're fast.


Seneca [Member] said:

So C'felt has made her mark. She'll probably receive a fat bonus (paid for by those who were laid off).

2011-06-21 16:59:42

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