Indy Guild members safe; management not

Dateline: Sun 09 Jan 2011

The link is to the Indianapolis Newspaper Guild's online newsletter; on Jan. 4, the Guild wrote about the "good" news:

"This is a follow-up to an earlier e-mail regarding the Bob Dickey/corporate announcement today. It’s 'good' news; the employees covered by the Indianapolis Guild will not be asked to participate in 1st Quarter furloughs. Publisher Karen Crotchfelt told this to Guild president Tom Spalding in the newsroom, in person, this afternoon. She also sent an e-mail to a reporter separately, same comment. We have asked for a statement from the company, in writing. That is pending.

"Regardless, this is a victory for the contract. We’ve already made a huge financial sacrifice. The company knows our unit is NOT in a giving mood, especially given the outrageous bonuses paid out to Gannett’s executive leadership."

However, managers at the Indianapolis Star will not be spared. They will be expected to take furloughs during the first quarter of 2011, without pay. And of course, over the years, Gannett increasingly has increased the number of editors and managers who are not covered by the Guild.

As the Inkling says, it's unjust. Top execs with Gannett are compensated with salaries and bonuses in six figures. But those middle-level people, who work without benefit of overtime and the safety of a contract, are being penalized.

Never ends.




Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Pigs at the trough.

Don't forget--they keep their tax cuts, too! All because they "create jobs" !

Double bonus for them. We'll never learn.

2011-01-09 20:03:23

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

I just re-read the post.

Is her name really "Crotchfelt"?

Did you sound that name out, say it out loud?


Some folks have difficult obstacles to overcome--learning disabilities, poverty, race, gender--but this poor woman has a last name that will elicit a giggle almost anywhere.

Like Dick Thrasher, or Richard Hunt, or any others...

Sorry to revert to eighth-grade humor, but...

2011-01-10 07:48:27

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

I actually knew Richard Head and John Kanoff. My wife knew Ima Hogg.
Snicker, snort. 8th grade was great....

Poor Karen. It would be understandable if she at least changed the spelling, turning "O" into "U." This sort of thing could give her Attitude.

2011-01-10 09:30:42

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