Jolene Ketzenberger scoops New York Times

Dateline: Thu 24 Feb 2011

Last summer, a reader points out, the Indianapolis Star's food writer Jolene Ketzenberger wrote a definitive story on ethnic Indy dining, featuring some of the same restaurants and the area (Northwest side) included in the New York Times this week (see previous post).

The reader wonders why we all go so nuts when the New York Times takes note of what the local food writer so aptly covered already -- and is in fact well documented on (Thank you Ms. Cynical). The Star's story, in fact, also included a map, helping readers to locate eateries in our burgeoning ethnic food scene.

Point taken.

I'm a big fan of Jolene Ketzenberger -- the taste section is one of my absolute favorites, and I save many of the stories. Sadly, I did not save the one from July 23, 2010, when she covered this subject.

I have friends who are serious diners; they consider it a mission in life to visit any new restaurant, especially the ethnic ones. Maybe that's why the Star's story didn't leave a major impression when I read it -- we hit that Lafayette Road/38th Street corridor frequently.

Still, it's good all the way around to be reminded that we are growing, that are taste buds are curious, and that this city supports a wide variety of dining establishments. Thanks to Jolene for doing the legwork a year ago, and to the NYT for playing catch-up.


hendy [Member] said:

Long ago, I used to frequently visit The Egg Roll House, founded by Ho Ming Hsia, who later had a place in Castleton. His fried rice and egg rolls were superior. He sold the place, which continued on for years. It eventually closed but was replaced by a more generic Chinese place.

Now, there are tons of International markets in the area, and it's blossomed so well. John & Jolene K do the community a great service by the coverage.

Sagara Mart, nearby, is one of the best international food stores in the region. We have some good ones here in Bloomington, but nothing like that.

2011-02-24 14:56:53

ruthholl [Member] said:

I think the owners of Sagara live in Bloomington. I'll check it out...

2011-02-24 19:22:00

John M [unverified] said:

Is this a trick question? The article in the New York Times is a big deal because it's the New York Times. Of course the Indianapolis Star's food reporter writes articles about the Indianapolis dining scene, and it's no surprise that the Star got there first and in more detail. The Times is read by people from all over the nation and the world, and positive press for Indianapolis is worthy of note, particularly when it is positive press that is contrary to the whitebread image that Indy enjoys, for good or for ill, among outsiders. This doesn't have anything to do with anyone "scooping" anyone else.

2011-02-25 09:53:16

Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

John M is right.

It's nice to have the multiethnic reality of Indianapolis recognized by the newspaper of record in that other great multiethnic city.

Of course, it's even better that the rag passing for a newspaper in Indy takes note of reality on the ground.

Jolene K is a good reporter, and her coverage of the ethnic food scene is just one example. She knows we're not only "mayonnaise on white bread" in Indianapolis, and, truthfully, never have been.

2011-02-25 19:31:06

Prepostericity [unverified] said:

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2011-03-03 19:35:19

anon [unverified] said:


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2011-03-05 09:56:11

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

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2011-03-05 11:20:52

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