Where are those pesky Dems?

Dateline: Tue 22 Feb 2011

Years ago, the Dems in Indiana also pulled out when they did not want to vote over some controversial issue.

News reports have them "fleeing the state."

But where, or where, do they go?

Best answer wins a sack of pure corn, because that's what we're raised on here in Indiana. If someone knows the truth, two sacks of pure corn, free.


Wilson Allen [unverified] said:

Send the corn to Jim Shella -- he's reporting they are in Urbana, Illinois.

About 15 years ago House Dems also did a walkout (a kind of filibuster) -- the Sheriff of Marion County was tasked to round them up and haul them back. I volunteered some relatives homes in Shelby County as "safe houses" but it was over before such underground tactics were needed...

2011-02-22 18:46:02

ruthholl [Member] said:

Shoot fire, I missed that report; I heard Shella at the start of the newscast. Gotta check his blog etc.
Yes, 15 years ago -- that was their last escape.
Urbana -- must be holed up in some exotic motel there, then. Pat no doubt is holding court.
And the box of pure corn goes to....SHELLA. How perfect.

2011-02-22 19:31:30

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

The Student Union hotel at U of Illinois.

2011-02-23 10:29:33

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

I don't know where they are, but God bless 'em.

If I wasn't a poor, old semi-invalid, I'd send 'em some money to help pay their motel bills.

Republicans now seem to think they "own" this state and everybody in it. Our Multi-Millionare Mitch's egotism and arrogance makes me want to hurl.

Right on, Demos!

2011-02-23 16:05:33

Mary Beth Schneider [unverified] said:

Just fyi. I reported this that morning, and was the first to do so.

2011-02-28 11:39:03

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