Cereal killer and other Indianapolis Star ads....

Dateline: Sun 07 Aug 2011

Did everyone get enough fiber with the Sunday morning delivery of the Indianapolis Star? If it's not inside the paper, in conent, it's certainly attached in today's large plastic delivery bag --  three mini-boxes of General Mills cereal and a "Save 75 cents" coupon.

"dare you to Taste the FIBER" blares the ad....


This particular plastic-wrapped advertisement is a reminder that, pre-Gannett, the Star once mildly considered putting ads on its front page, since it was, after all, a business. (Fooled me).

At the time, the front-runner contender for Page 1 status was Wrigley chewing gun. Former Indianapolis developer Bob Borns, who gave this city a renewed Union Station and many residential apartment and condo complexes on the Northside, recalled the following yarn this past week, when he was visiting here: "I ran into Frank Russell on the street one day Downtown. (Russell was president of the Indianapolis Star starting in 1979 and beyond; Borns knew the Star was toying with new ad ideas). I asked him if the Star was still thinking about using Page 1 ads. He said no, they'd decided against it.

"A few months later, Gannett bought the paper (in 2000). And then, of course, there were Page 1 ads."

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Angie [unverified] said:

My dog certainly enjoyed the cereal. At least he ripped up the bag and began to chow down before I could "rescue" the paper!

2011-08-07 12:17:17

Crossed Wires [unverified] said:

Saw the bags on porches, but taking a break from subscription. Only buying as needed. 4 adds on front page of Mondays paper and no sticker add. Hate it when they put the sticker add over the date and you don’t know what days paper it is. Have bought 2 day old papers out of boxes before realizing this.

2011-08-08 10:25:18

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