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Dateline: Tue 19 Apr 2011

Sunday's New York Times included one of its Education Life supplements, which featured a story on popular blogs with origins in academia (but huge followings outside).

Most have name recognition, and two or three I happen to like (but do not read often enough) espouse Libertarian ideas, or a smattering of them. Here is the link to Sunday's story:

As for the blogs, you're going to know most if not all of them:

Instapundit, written by a University of Tennessee Law College prof Glenn Reynolds, is pithy short takes (no comments) on a variety of subjects, mostly politics.  His blog is deemed by the Times the inspiration for many that followed; he says he used to be a Libertarian, but "Now I'm a libertarian transhumanist."

Others on the hit parade:

The Volkokh Conspiracy, written by Eugene Volokh of University of Cal LA School of Law; Crooked Timber (Social Dem in vibe); Greg Mankiw's Blog (slightly right of center, but mainstream); Informed Comment by Juan Cole of U of Mich, a leftie blog; the Becker-Posner Blob (wonkish conservative economics out of U of Chicago); and finally, Althouse -- she's another law prof, from U of Wisconsin Madison; voted for Obama but is considered right-wing.

Anyhow, each has something of merit to say.  Reynolds, however, sets the highest standard in terms of style and quick delivery.




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