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Dateline: Sat 02 Apr 2011

is a polestar.

My little social-justice block (5300 Graceland) (that means wildflowers grow in yard and pesticides are not in use, and chickens live in backyards) and beyond, erupted in hysterical cheers when the Bulldogs won Saturday night.

This win is an affirmation of small-town values in the best sense (Matt Howard and his postman dad -- 10 kids raised in one small very humble home, and Dad won't be on his postal route Monday! etc etc etc ) and an affirmation of all that Butler represents: a liberal arts college in a high-tech, single-focus econony, in which liberal arts were declared dead at some point, years ago...; the fact that Butler is "an anchor" for this neighborhood of Butler-Tarkington, for many, many years; and, most significantly, the triumph of players with integrity and a commitment to academics, and even more, perhaps above all, a coach who embodies those principles.

DePauw University, where Coach Brad Stevens graduated, can also take a bow. Well, so can the families who raised all these guys. And the guys. themselves. Yes. And all the kids, grads, supporter, neightors, etc.

Group effort. Cool.

I am so happy!

I could not watch the game, per se....but I watched the on-line chat provided by The Indianapolis Star.

Ezra Holladay, 4,  and his friend Lena, 3, were over, and they preferred to watch Spongebob at my house, so TV was occupied.

At one point, we walked into living room and could see THE GAME thru my small windoew on neighbor's big-screen TV. Nice.

But when the victory was won, we ran into the yard -- two preschoolers and a 64-year-old woman -- and yelled our thanksgiving and GO BUTLER. And we were hardly alone...booms, hollers, hoarse voices, big-time happiness.

Anyhow, this is just the best.





Tell The Truth [Member] said:

The Butler stories like this year's, can't be made up.

Sometimes, in life, we tell our kids "do the right thing and you'll succeed." And too often, in this whacked-out world, we have to wait a long time for our pronouncements to come true.

This week, not so much.

It's in the air and everywhere. Praise God.

I'm rooting for UConn because it'd be a classic game. UConn is one step away from coach or program sanctions. They're dirtier than April mud. It'd be good guys vs bad guys.

Well hell, come to think of it, Kentucky is just one sliver shy of a corrupt program too. It matters not

The Bulldogs are a Hoosier story of the first order.

2011-04-02 21:26:34

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

It's good when something nice happens for all the right reasons. The Butler players are respectful, a bona fide team, no ink amongst them and no apparent attitude that says "I'm here for my ticket to the NBA."

2011-04-02 21:35:08

hendy [Member] said:

My paternal grandparents met there and married, as did my mother and father. My children practiced their music lessons there. I rode there constantly, watching the flowers bloom. My pharmacist graduated there. I served on boards with their board members. Found out Bobby Fong is a frustrated left-hander, like me.

Watched lots of people go west, down 46th St, only to be confounded, or surprised, or both.

When they win like they have, it's not just people with connections to Butler that cheer, it's Indy and Indiana. There are lots of Blue & White worn around my town, which is usually chock-a-block with loyal red & whiters.

A good victory might substitute for an absent SuperBowl later this year. Maybe not, for some. But it's like the 500-- the locals know when to be out of town, but also when to be back in town.

2011-04-03 10:18:03

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Be back in town tomorrow night. Win or lose, this is a great story.

Hinkle is the place to be.

2011-04-03 12:53:41

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

Ruth, You speak for probably literally millions of people who are fed up with "professional" college sports programs (i.e, Ohio State, Auburn, etc.) and can't believe that something this amazingly tremendous is happening. And right here in our midst!

And, Ruth, thanks for giving me a chance to brag that my wife of 32 years is a Butler grad.

We were Bulldogs when Bulldogs weren't cool (smile).

If Butler wins it all, then I will expect mass conversions by atheists/agnostics to belief in a benevolent diety.

Even if their conversions only last for a day or so.

2011-04-03 16:25:37

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

Alas, they left their game at Hinkle.

2011-04-04 22:25:56

dpowell [Member] said:

How you doin? I’ve been enjoying my time lurking on your blog (you know me...always looking for new ways to avoid actual work while at work). I see from your post about the Butler BullDawgs that you’ve fled the rural outpost and moved back to Northside civilization.

We should meet up for lunch sometime (or breakfast or coffee or whatever...) and catch up. After all, every day that goes by gives evidence that the number of the world’s sane people is dwindling rapidly. Be nice to sit with one and talk a little.

PS: I tried to send this offline to the e-mail address I have on file for you...but it bounced back -- hence the public invitation. (You know my aversion to public displays. Unseemly. But I had no choice... :-)

2011-04-06 12:03:33

Hannah [unverified] said:

In awe of that answer! Rlelay cool!

2011-04-12 11:58:39

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