Weird names

Dateline: Mon 20 Sep 2010

Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer makes the news.

But she's really a respectable educator at University of Wisconsin; she just happened to have been born in the '60s to hippie parents.

So play the game: if you were a free spirit in the 60s and followed your naming instincts, what would your kids have been? Mine were Bourbon Holladay (male) Scotch Holladay (second male) and Gin, the baby girl.

I need a feather in there somewhere....





Tell The Truth [Member] said:

OK, this one's real, and somewhere, if the parents are reading, they'll see this, but, in the 1970s:

Mr. and Mrs. Thacker had a boy and promptly named him Thad. I'm not kidding. Yeth. He had to go through life as Thad Thacker.

It's twue.

My grandfather used to say: some mothers must still be under anesthetic when they agree to names.

What, Ruth, no vermouth? Or was that the family dog?

2010-09-20 20:34:24

hendy [Member] said:

I have nephews: Evan, Eric, and Eli. All of their initialed garments can be hand-me-downs.

2010-09-20 22:31:15

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