Croc vs. 'gator; Star FAIL

Dateline: Sat 30 Oct 2010

From a reader on Friday:

"On page B10 (back of Metro/State) in today's Star is this tiny little article about the governor dressing up as an alligator for Halloween at the Governor's (non) residence. The article goes on to say 'Not to worry, though, it's just Gov. Mitch Daniels dressed up as a character from Peter Pan, along with members of his staff.'

"Anyone who knows Peter Pan," notes our faithful reader, "knows it was a crocodile (although unnamed, is sometimes called Tick Tock) that plagued Capt. Hook, Peter and the crew and not an alligator.

"Hard to know where to place the blame on this one, the governor's staffer or the reporter who wrote the article and didn't know the animal should be a crocodile if the origin was Peter Pan, or the editor or copy editor who allowed it to be printed that way.

"Is it possible that none of these people knows Barrie's or Walt Disney's Peter Pan? Or have they all just grown up and forgotten? Or, are they in Neverland, a fantasy of a news room?

Newspapers are supposed to sweat the small stuff."

And later, same reader:

"I noticed when WFYI-FM read the story this a.m., crocodile was the costume mentioned, not alligator." As reader observers, we now know "where to place the blame in the text ..."

Incidentally, the offending headline was" "This year, he's Governor Gator."

Insert croc roar here: what a crock.

Here's the original story, filed under "communities" (don't you hate the Star's new web design? Ugh! A 'gator could have done better.) I am so embarrassed/offended. Oh, well.



russ [unverified] said:

About as senseless (bad) as overlooking Anderson's Carl Erskine as a Hoosier who starred in the World Series.

2010-10-30 23:14:18

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Alas, with this post, I've doubled the number of notices about the late Prof. Karlson. Regarding an ignorant newspaper whose reporters and editors still don't understand plural possessives.

And so it goes. Holly Arpan, Gretchen Kemp. Mary Benedict, Strunk AND White weep.

It just keeps getting wore for grammarians and news-lovers.

2010-10-31 04:45:13

Tell The Truth [Member] said:


2010-10-31 04:45:47

Gary Welsh [unverified] said:

At least he is not dressing up as Peter Pan as his wife had suggested to him. She had him dress up as the cowardly lion when the Wizard of Oz was the costume theme a few years ago. Not sure what that tells us about her perception of him.

2010-10-31 09:56:27

Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

No question that the gov's office said "Crocodile" -- it was in the press release. It was the brilliant minds at The Star that changed crocodile to alligator. Probably 'cause they'd never actually read "Peter Pan"!

Here's another mention:

2010-10-31 12:55:05

jersey [unverified] said:

do i have a valid point in questioning the integrity of the local paper when the amount of add space the pacers buy=the amount of coverage they get?
(sorry 'bout the hijack)

2010-10-31 18:36:08

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Fair point, Jersey. Although your "adds" are math, not PR.

Hey, you could work as a Star proofreader/external content monitor/web editor/blogger.

I read two anniversary "ads" today that had to be written entirely by the families without the benefit of someone telling the poor folks the articles need editing.

So The Star charged them an arm and a leg to look, uh.....less-than-up-to-date on multiple edit points.

2010-10-31 20:14:24

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