The death of Henry Karlson

Dateline: Wed 27 Oct 2010

This community, including members of the news media and legal fields, lost a great friend with the death of Henry Karlson, age 67.

Jon Murray has the story in this morning's Indianapolis Star.

Mr. Karlson was extremely gifted at parsing law and making sense out of complicated legal issues.  What he brought to the table, as his daughter attorney Liz Karlson notes, was his incredible love for justice. Hence he was, in my experience, always willing to talk with a reporter eager to shake out a complex story that contained legal angles;  with his razor-like mind, he would cut to the heart of an issue and speak his piece. As I recall, he also was not worried about changing some of his views as a case developed -- if more information became available, and as he continued to study a story, he was willing to give a fresh view.  His service was invaluable to journalists. He added nuance, depth and understanding to many a story in this city.

Apparently law students, fellow lawyers and the community at large benefited as well from his expertise. It's all in the obit -- his service on behalf of child abuse victims and other acts of good will, in the name of justice.

In a day in which some people are timid and afraid to take a stand, even tho they have knowledge, and others are rash and all too eager to charge into the fray, with perhaps limited or bogus information, Mr. Karlson was in a class by himself: he was a principled man who gave voice to a reasoned point of view, and he was willing to share that information and perspective.

He shall be sorely missed.

Condolences to his family, and with gratitude for the help he provided to so many.



hendy [Member] said:

Voices of reason are around, you just have to find them below the din of rage. Karlson could be that voice of considered reason in storms of chutzpah and distraction. Somewhere, he's at peace.

2010-10-27 10:51:55

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