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Dateline: Fri 15 Oct 2010

at the Star have or are in the process of moving on in their careers.

They're all young reporters, too. They're the sort of writers who make Page 1, and make it readable.

Ever since Francesca Jarosz arrived at the Indianapolis Star, she has done detailed and deep work. She's covered a wide variety of stories; she's versatile and prolific. It got so when I saw a story with her name, I knew to read it. Period.

She left the paper Aug. 31, and she started at Indianapolis Business Journal Sept. 7. You can read her stories there about government with a biz angle, along with those of numerous former Star colleagues -- Greg Andrews, Norm Heikens, Chris O'Malley, J.K. Wall and contributing columnist Bill Benner.  Happy campers.

The talented Bill Ruthhart is leaving the Star for the Chicago Tribune, where he will start out doing suburban coverage. Our loss, their gain. Bill has covered government and politics at the Star, carving out a solid niche and more for himself. Tough, hard-working.

Finally biz writer/columnist Daniel Lee will depart for Clarian. Lee also has done extensive reporting for the paper: WellPoint, acquisitions, start-ups, the health industry, etc. He's a clear thinker and writer.

These are big losses --- muscle, not flab. But this is the face of journalism today; nobody young is going to retire at a Gannett paper.

Said it before: I think some of the best reporters are at IBJ, and some of the best coverage is there. But bully for the Trib and Clarian.



Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Good reporters all.

Why can't Tully and Varvel be in the exit-drill?

2010-10-15 18:38:29

Gary Welsh [unverified] said:

And none of them have anything good to say about Dennis Ryerson, do they?

2010-10-15 19:58:58

ruthholl [Member] said:

I think Matt and Gary are long-timers.
As for Mr. R -- actions speak louder, etc. Gannett is the bigger problem -- corporatespeak/think tends to take over, and bully for those with youth and brains to create an exit strategy.

2010-10-16 02:00:01

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

You're probably right, Ruthie. I stopped paying attention to Varvel years ago. he's a hateful right-wing goof. No use for him whatsoever.

Matt may have some redemptive ability,'ll take a long time for me to forget the Julia Carson/little-girl-ate-my-lunch fog, which Tully observed and sat on. A complete lack of journalistic integrity. I loved Julia, but that rant was jaw-dropping. And, in hindsight, instructive.

Tully's Manual HS series was good, if gassy. But 90% of his columns are written in seat-of-pants manner, obviously sitting at his desk with little or no legwork. Pontificating ad nauseum.

I'm so over it.

Ed Ziegner weeps. Ditto Ben Cole, and all of us who yearn for the state's largest newspaper to have a political columnist who works his beat instead of phoning it in. My God, the possibilities are endless.

This is, I remind you, in a state where Brian Howey apparently makes good money pontficating. He is wrong as much as he's right, and he evidently supports his family quite nicely by writing a political newsletter.

Go figure.

2010-10-16 10:30:18

ruthholl [Member] said:

Kathy Jesse -- a former Star features writer, very bright and creative -- had a good letter to the editor this week addressing one of Matt's recent columns on education. Kathy now teaches journalism at Broad Ripple, and she is in the trenches. She spoke gobs of truth, whereas Matt was writing in theory.
I'll have to look it up and say more.
Thank you, TTT.

2010-10-16 18:05:21

hendy [Member] said:

The greatness slides further. Perhaps their ostensible replacements (in Louisville or Mumbai) will try and 'get it'.

2010-10-16 20:57:30

Zach Dunkin [unverified] said:

Ruthie, it's easy to see why the Star got rid of old, experienced, good-salaried f-ers like me. It's a national trend which has been happening for some time. But even when I was there, I was frustrated by the loss of good, young talent. We seemed to chase them away. We (the Star) never seemed to battle to keep them or give them reason for staying. It continues. Why toss away your future? It's sad. One of the happiest days of my life was when I heard my daughter say she was switching her college major from journalism to speech pathology. Now, she has a wonderful job in California instead of battling a losing profession in journalism.

2010-10-18 20:32:16

pat pickett [unverified] said:

Of course we all know tht the Star isn't the ONLY place bleeding employees ... have you watched this on YouTube?
Tom Davis | That'll Do, Pig, That'll Do | WRTV

2010-10-19 17:39:50

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