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Dateline: Sun 03 Oct 2010

Great story about the late Hunter S. Thompson's efforts to get a job on a newspaper he admired -- it was the Vancouver Sun run by another true maverick at the time, Jack Scott. 

The year is 1958; Hunter wrote his letter of application in "a frenzy of drink." Read all about it on the above link.



Tell The Truth [Member] said:

"I would rather be on the dole than work for a paper I was ashamed of."

Hunter had sober moments, didn't he?


2010-10-03 20:14:36

ruthholl [Member] said:

Indeed he did.
I remember when he started writing about politics for Rolling Stone, covering Nixon, all that. For the first time, we had someone who really told it like it was; he was the one guy you never had to come up to and ask, "what was it really like?"
God rest his sated soul.

2010-10-04 07:20:33

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

I liked his work, and his earlier political reportage/commentary was refreshing and exciting. But if he ingested anywhere near what he claimed, he'd been under the ground long before he ate his gun.

He lives on as "Uncle Duke."

2010-10-04 10:34:25

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