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Dateline: Tue 30 Nov 2010

That link will give you more information about former Indianapolis Star movie critic Chris Lloyd's book, "Reeling Backward," a look at some of the classics.

Says Chris:

"It's actually essays on 128 movies (by my count). It's essentially a compilation of the Reeling Backward columns I post on The Film Yap on a regular basis. About two years ago I started watching more old movies -- because, let's face it, I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands -- and wanted to keep the old writing muscles fresh by writing about what I saw. They're less formal movie reviews than my personal film journal.
"The movies range from 1932 to 1999. Rather than ordering them chronologically, I divided them into sections. The largest was on classics I found disappointing -- 'Spellbound' (1945) and 'Julius Caesar' (1953) among them. I also had a large section on relatively unknown films that I found worthy -- 'Damn the Defiant!' (1962) and 'Le Mans' (1971) are examples.
"I have also have sections on Westerns, musicals, romance films and whole chapter devoted to Humphrey Bogart."

Cost of the book is $20; it is 201 pages.

Congrats to Chris for self-publishing the book, and to anyone who finishes a writing project of this magnitude. Anything bigger than a blog post -- I'm in awe.

Also, a review of Chris' book will be posted soon.


Terry [unverified] said:

Sounds great. I'm looking forward to it -- maybe a Christmas gift.

2010-12-06 02:36:17

Christopher Lloyd [unverified] said:

It wasn't in Ruth's post, but there's also a cheaper option of downloading the e-book from Amazon. Don't be scary of the Kindle label; all you need is a computer.

2010-12-06 20:18:46

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