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Dateline: Mon 22 Nov 2010

Former Indianapolis Star features copy chief John Hawn, who writes under Jayel Kato, has a book of poetry available, "Shadows Set In Concrete."

I asked him for some info about its availability, etc. Here is what he says:

"As soon as a book-launch party is organized, I'll let you know. I'm doing a series of readings, including one on Dec. 6 at Locals Only and one in Zionsville on Jan. 6. I believe Bookmamas in Irvington will have copies. And of course, if you can catch me, I will sell you a signed copy for $12. I'll be hitting the open mics after Thanksgiving.

"The publisher is Restoration Press, which produced Dan Carpenter's book of poems, "More Than I Could See." Janet Fry Schneider served as art director, designing the cover and laying out the pages. She did a wonderful job, combining a couple of childhood photos and her own brushwork lettering on the cover,

"Even though the book is not a memoir, a narrative thread runs through the sequence of poems. It begins with the atomic bomb blasts at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and ends with ironic imaginings of my own death. In between are poems about growing up Japanese in Indiana, sex, parenthood, aging, antiwar sentiments, and the arts--whether they be karaoke or a good book. The title, "Shadows Set in Concrete," refers to the shadows of victims of the blasts, which were embedded in concrete. My mother, who lived in Japan during the end of WW II, is a recurring character in these poems.

"On another note, I'm editing a bilingual book that will feature poets from El Salvador and central Indiana. No title or publication date yet. It's still in the planning stages. It's a follow-up to a cultural trip that five Indiana poets took last year to El Salvador. The five are former Indiana poet laureate Joyce Brinkman, DePauw University's Joseph Heithaus, Carmel poet/artist Ruthelen Burns, educator Phoenix Cole, and myself. We met and mingled with the families and community of four Salvadoran poets. That trip was part of a three-part documentary earlier this year for WFYI's "Across Indiana.""

Thank you, John. Also, Janet Fry Schneider is a graphic designer at the Star.


Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Thanks! Off to Bookmama's later this week.

2010-11-22 11:49:12

hendy [Member] said:

I wonder if Ruth Lilly's estate will still be up to funding more poetry. It's one of the sweetest things she ever did.

2010-11-22 17:05:25

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

She's done enough, Hendy. I believe the total was $50 mil or so to that poetry magazine. Which was incredible.

And as I recall, once she gave the money, they still refused to publish one or more of her poems. WHich she thought was funny, and genuine.

2010-11-23 04:01:44

Terry [unverified] said:

Can you say what time of the event you will be reading at Locals Only on Monday, Dec. 6? Thanks.

2010-12-06 02:42:37

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