Zach Dunkin re-invents himself

Dateline: Tue 09 Nov 2010


Here is what the former arts and entertainment editor at the Star posted on FB.

"After a glorious 15-month break to play in the world of freelance, which included two amazing gigs as managing editor of the most popular paper in Noblesville, The Current, and with Ray Compton producing and promoting sporting events and rock concerts, I will return to the corporate world with Indianapolis Power & Light Co., as Administrator for Corporate Communications and Community Affairs Nov. 22."

Zach is the bomb. He brings talent, skills and enthusiasm to any situation. He also exemplified the motto, while at the Star, "Illegitimi non carborundum."

That's pseudo Latin for don't let the bastards grind you down.

Way to go Zach!


Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

Well, it's nice to know that there's still a place in Indy PR for Gannett's cast-offs.

2010-11-09 22:42:35

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

He's a good guy.

IPL is not a good company.

Keep your head up, Zach. It ain't Zane Todd's IPL any more.

They need Zach way more than he needs them.

2010-11-10 06:06:49

hendy [Member] said:

It's the rough equivalent of an ex-legislator becoming a lobbyist. I wish him well, and tho my mother's heavily vested in AES stock, AES were unkind people to Hoosiers-- including their coal-smoke belching generating plants.

2010-11-10 08:19:00

Homer [Member] said:

hendy, I don't think the analogy fits. Zach was never a wielder of power like a legislator. In his new role, his job will involve communicating company facts and policies, not trying to influence legislators as lobbyists do. I think he can do that without blackening his soul.

2010-11-10 09:14:24

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

Zach will use his hard earned skills well and make a lot more money than he did at the Star. Good on him and I wish him well.

Corporate Communications-- and I speak as a former practitioner who sat on various sides of the desk-- is probably the most rewarding path for J-school students these days...though I worry that they may not acquire the necessary scarring before entering the board room. I worked in newspapering then ad agencies then corporatecom...and each step prepared me for the next.

Zach has been around the block more than once and knows this.

2010-11-10 17:10:34

zach dunkin [unverified] said:

I appreciate everyone's comments but it all comes down to this: despite the Indy Star's giving up on some of its more experienced members like me and sending us unceremoniously out to pasture, I'm not ready for that. I had an absolutely incredible time with Current Publishing in building and running a weekly newspaper, the "Current in Noblesville" where we overwhelmed the Star in popularity and 100 percent household circulation. The Current is up and running, and now I am ready for a new task. In the last few months I was at the Star, I was being asked to do all kinds of wonderful stories on consumer topics, home design, wine, restaurants, travel, the new airport, you name it. Asst. features editor Amanda Kingsbury told me I had more bylines than anyone in the paper the first six months of the year they let me go. Frank Espich, who was usually by my side on most of the jobs, and I developed a motto we followed: "The answer is yes; what's the assignment?" Now, to my surprise,I'm saying yes to a new career at this stage in my life. I got the job because I was honest with IPL as to who I was and what I can do, and evidently they liked it. So, IPL, the answer is still yes, what's the assignment? what I can promise is that I will do exactly what I did for nearly 40 years at the Star: work my ass off. Hopefully, I will be appreciated for that and treated with respect. I can't wait to begin this new episode in my life.

2010-11-10 23:06:04

George Stuteville [unverified] said:


I reinvented myself in an "electrifying" way, too. I am still at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. I write, create programs, and just yesterday, I produced a very nice web broadcast.

Good luck to you. You were always one of my favorite writers. You were always at the top of your game.

Long may you run.


2010-11-11 13:03:50

zach dunkon [unverified] said:

Long may you run? Gotta love Neil Young for that. Talk about a guy who has reinvented himself through the years. Remember Tron or whatever it was called? He is the soul of CSNY. Without him, they are just another oldies band cashing in on boomer memories.

2010-11-11 19:34:59

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