Thank the newspaper gods for NYT

Dateline: Mon 08 Nov 2010

From Sunday's feature story on Courtney Love, now in the throes of remaking herself as a fashion icon, even as she stumbles around naked, stoned and intoxicated, enmeshed in $4000 pink tights, and in front of the intrepid reporter:

"She was rebelling against a mother, of whom she said, 'I will never, ever forgive for not being glamorous.'"

Oh, Lakws a mercy me.



hendy [Member] said:

It makes me wonder, giving this cretin a platform, if the NYT does us a favor by pushing her banality and sociopathy into our faces. Why not write off Courtney Love, like we did to innumerable limelight-seeking Tonya Hardings of the world?

2010-11-08 10:08:28

Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

I read the whole thing, too.

Which is what good narrative journalism makes a reader do.

That Courtney Love is a cretin makes the story even more interesting. Great narrative arc!

2010-11-08 11:12:27

ruthholl [Member] said:

I am not a big fan of hers altho I enjoyed her performance in the Larry Flynt movie. I too find it oddly fascinating Ms. C -- the old saw about can't take your eyes off the car wreck -- I think it's that I find addicts so interesting. And she is that. In the denial phase, or whatever, but a total addict.
I loved that she would do her Buddhist chanting, then take cigarette breaks.

2010-11-08 11:43:40

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