Layoffs at the Star (again)

Dateline: Thu 04 Nov 2010

This was sent out to Guild members Wednesday Nov 3:

Subject: E-inkling * Layoffs in building, uncertain future *
"More bad news was delivered to our building today with the only silver lining that the Guild was spared.

"Gannett appeared to order the layoffs at all U.S. community publications. In Indy the company laid off 5 employees and word we've heard is as many as 3 newsroom positions were on the chopping block.

"Thankfully, the recent departures of reporters, a sports editor and designer probably prevented layoffs due to points for attrition.

"So much for returning to full strength.

"Companywide, the Star is projected to be in the vicinity of minus-$6.9 million in revenue by end of '10 calendar year, publisher Michael Kane said in a 3 p.m. meeting on the 6th floor. Financially we are far from being out of the woods. Big problems with newsprint costs projected to go up 20-24% in 2011, putting a multi-million strain on the budget. Asked about rumors of Q1 furloughs, Kane said yes, that's a possibility(!) but nothing concrete. Sept-Oct had shown encouraging signs in terms of ad revenues; the paper is getting a smaller newshole. As you know, any request for a pay cut in our unit related to a furlough would have to be approved by the membership, and we'll
cross that bridge when we get to it. I think we'll escape more cuts in November-December; fingers are crossed.

"BTW, one of the cuts was Jim Bennie [sp?] in IT, who may daysiders know. (He had a bit of a limp in his gait and wore glasses). We've asked one of his colleagues for a forwarding address and will share that with you in a future correspondence.

"We'll have an electronic quarterly e-inkling out later this week and the print version to follow.

"Hang in there. Holler with any questions,

"-- Officers and stewards of Indy News Guild 34070"


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