Matt Tully mugged

Dateline: Wed 03 Nov 2010

From the Indianapolis Star:

"Indianapolis Star columnist Matthew Tully received minor injuries in an assault Tuesday night east of Monument Circle.

"Tully, 41, said he was assaulted around 8 p.m. on Pennsylvania Street just south of Market Street. Two males asked him for directions, then followed him south for a block after the brief conversation. Later, they ran up behind him and one of the males slugged Tully in the head, he said.

"He ran onto Pennsylvania Street and shouted, causing the two attackers to turn and run toward Monument Circle, he said. Two workers at a nearby hotel chased the suspects, who got away.

"Officers with the State Capitol and Indianapolis Metropolitan police departments responded. State Capitol police, which is a division of Indiana State Police, don't release their reports.

"ISP Sgt. Rich Myers said authorities briefly detained a person of interest after receiving a general description from witness accounts.

"Myers said people should travel in groups when possible and always be aware of their surroundings, especially at night. He said Tully did the right thing by bringing attention to himself and thus thwart the theft and further injury.

"'These are crimes of opportunity,' Myers said.

"It is believed to be isolated; there are no similar cases of muggings or attempted muggings either Downtown or on the monument grounds and parks, police say. The attempted mugging comes a day after a report showed that more people feel securevisiting Downtown.

"Tully said he is not sure what motivated the attempted mugging. The attack caused him to abort plans to head to election night events of the local Democratic and Republican parties, but he returned to the Star's office at 307 N. Pennsylvania St to file a column.

"'I feel fortunate that it did not turn into anything worse and am grateful for the quick response from police and the help that a pair of Downtown workers provided,' Tully said today."

Here is the link:|newswell|text|Communities|star

My view: I don't buy into the "mean city" syndrome. The truth is, Downtown Indy at night is an opportune place/time for muggers to strike. Could have been dateline Chicago, or Kokomo, or NYC.

Those of us who worked for years at the Star know that other reporters occasionally suffered from a mugging. The most well-known story from my day is the night copy editors left the paper about 1 a.m. or so; copy editor Craig Ito was mugged on Mass Avenue, near the Front Page bar, and someone -- copy editor Dennis Hoffman? -- hit the muggers over the head with a cookie pan. (Someone had baked cookies or brownies for the desk that night).

The  main thing -- Tully was not badly hurt, he reacted quickly and he appropriately thanked those who were quick responders. Life goes on. But I'm sorry this happend to Matt.


hendy [Member] said:

Sometimes first-hand reporting carries more weight. I'm sorry he was mugged. Times are tough. A good friend of mine was shot several times downtown a few years ago. He'd made the mistake of being confrontational. He lived, but numerous surgeries later, he still remembers it vividly.

If it were on Main St in Carmel, there'd have been a dozen uniforms there in a heartbeat. The difference? Unequal distribution of tax revenues.

2010-11-04 13:01:29

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

You are right, Hendy.

Just like the unequal distribution of tax revenues reflected in two aspects of state government I read about today:

1. My Multi-Millionaire Mitch (Daniels) announcing his plans to cut unemployment benefits at a time when these benefits are most needed by so many struggling people.

2. A Letter to the Editor in The Star about the parents of mentally handicapped children in Indiana being told by state employees to take their children to homeless shelters.

Pathetic. What else can I say?

2010-11-04 13:39:49

hendy [Member] said:

Read my hire the not-neurotypicals in the op-ed page at the This Week's tab.

The squeeze is on. Greed rules. Social Justice Drools.

2010-11-04 19:01:10

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

I don't know where the police get their stats, but I beg to differ.

I was mugged downtown about 8 weeks ago. 4:45 pm--broad daylight. On a Colts pre-season game night, streets full of traffic, cops everywhere.

I was smacked in the head and the thief ran off with my briefcase, which had my phone inside. Same exact MO--the guy asked em for directions, and apepared non-threatening. Not hurt badly, but it took 70 minutes to get a detective there. In that time, the thief ran rampant with my credit cards, which were also in the briefcase.

The nearby cop who was directing Colts traffic gave foot chase to the thief, but he lost him.

That same cop told me this happens downtown "all the time."

Somewhere, there's a disconnect.

Maybe Tully and I finally have something in common.

Humor aside, no one should have to endure this in one fo the brightest downtowns in America. Period.

2010-11-05 09:00:36

joe [unverified] said:

Just wondering about the description of the muggers: I don't want to appear racist, but I can't help but wonder if the muggers were white, black, hispanic or? Why can't/won't the news media report the race of suspects anymore. I, for one, would find that information helpful.

2010-11-05 15:17:18

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

How does it help, Joe? Are you going to help find the muggers?

It really doesn't make a difference.

OI wasn't hurt seriously, and neither was Tully. But the traffic cop who tried to intercept the mugger, told me it was a common occurrence. He volunteered that.

So someone's not telling the truth.

2010-11-05 17:02:22

hendy [Member] said:

The crime statistics are no longer reported in any meaningful way- even internally. It's too much political fodder. I'd love to see them. The HerarldTribune lists them. Juicy breakfast reading.

But then, imagine the politik.

2010-11-05 19:23:37

Joe [unverified] said:

TTT: it would be helpful in that if two whites are mugging people downtown I would be wary if two whites approached me; same for blacks or Hispanics. Good journalism should be descriptive; what ever happened to the who where when etc that describes journalism. Well two white' males are more descriptive and accurate then two 'males'

2010-11-05 21:52:19

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Nah, Joe...the race just doesn't matter.

In my case, and Tully's, the MOs were sinmilar--an otherwise non-threatening individual(s) approach asking for directions. It seemed harmless, and quickly escalated.

If the police have general descriptions to release, including race, that might help. But otherwise, nah, it's unnecessary.

And sometimes, Police leave out certain descriptive elements in their reports, which are public record, for the expressed purpose of investigating further without interference. Ask any detective why he/she keeps detailed notes.

2010-11-06 08:07:48

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