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Dateline: Fri 07 May 2010

even the Kenmore washer/dryer. He lives in Lebanon. He wasn't sure who made the washer/dryer -- had to check -- and the year remains a mystery. But yeah, the fish tank, catalytic converter and the porn: outta there. Who needs all that old porn? He can get it off the Internet now...(or so someone suggested -- a male family member of mine).

The person getting a divorce and advertising on Craig's List as such is indeed a man.

I troll Craig's List Indianapolis a lot,  and I thought this ad was an object lesson for married women, as in "count your blessings, honey...at least your husband does not have a huge porn collection." (Maybe not).

I shared the ad with 7 middle-aged friends, all women, who met for a massage and dinner Wednesday night -- and I was shocked to discover that each of them believed the person holding the divorce sale was a female.

"She is full of rage," said one friend. "Haven't you ever felt rage like that?" (Not enough to change gender, no).

Even the friend who is a therapist was sure it was an angry woman. "Oh, yes...a woman, definitely."

The thought had never crossed my mind, which shows my own bias, I suppose.

But the tips that this is a guy -- like Hendy said -- ALL CAPS, REDNECK. (sorry, Lebanon dude). Selling A CATALYTIC CONVERTER. Plus, the fish tank; most women do not mess with all the fish tank paraphenalia -- it's a guy thing. And of course, the suggestion BRING CASH and FILL UP YOUR TRUCK, or words to that effect. Just sounds like a guy...a young guy.

Mainly, tho, it was the porn. A woman married to a man with a lot of porn and divorcing him would have simply thrown it out, not offered it for sale. Ewwww.

Also, my own observationl: writing styles are different with the genders. Women tell stories, we are more personal, more intimate. Hence a Craig's List ad might read, breathily, "Vera Bradley purses...pots from Pier I....size 6 designer jeans (or heck, even 2X clothing)....antiques....vintage kitchen." (That's a sale I want to hit).

Anyhow, not a big deal, just an amusing little slice of Indiana....and some insight into perceptions on gender. )p.s., nobody should feel bad if they guessed a woman; in my family, Guy, Andrew and John all thought this was a crazed, angry woman; only Zera -- who likes catalytic converters -- weighed in with the guy. Like Hency,he picked up on the all caps angle, too. Plus ALL my women friendsd went for the scorned woman angle).

I may buy the washer/dryer tho. And if I do, I will check out the porn and get back with you. Because that discussion was fascinating....




varangianguard [unverified] said:

The "ALL CAPS" thing could have been indicative of someone not entirely comfortable with, or experienced in internet social conventions.

For my part, it was the washer/dryer, although the garage stereo thing gave me a brief pause, as well.

I just know that I have learned all sorts of new "insights" about one or two of your most loyal readers, Ruth.

Made me laugh - several times. ;)

2010-05-07 04:29:08

Tell The Truth [Member] said:


There is an Oprah show in there somewhere. I'm trying to figure out how, tho.

Wanna bet the wandering female found a romance online? And here's another bet--it might have been with another female. A gut feeling.

Carry on my wayward sons. There will be peace when we are done. Lay your weary heads to rest.

2010-05-07 07:06:41

ruthholl [Member] said:

You guys are adorable.
I think there is AT LEAST a graduate student thesis here....but of course, we'd have to dig deeper into Craig's List and get a lot of samples...

2010-05-07 07:17:28

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

If you google Craigslist research I think you'll come across some already-done research.

I'm with you. Bene a dedicated CL junkie for awhile now. It's a great running social commentary. Even the car sale ads are fascinating...you could almost get a grip on the recession coming, its potential recovery and economic downturns...through the pleadings posters made regarding the sale of their vehicles. Cash is King.

But here's a tip that a good friend learned the hard way: females, or younger or less-nimble folks, please: don't make an appt. to meet someone to buy/sell alone. Seriously. There are some sick folks out there. Take a friend. Hell take three.

Just sayin'....

2010-05-07 08:11:55

ruthholl [Member] said:

Good advice, well positioned...

2010-05-07 08:37:48

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