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Dateline: Thu 25 Mar 2010

Former investigative reporter for The News, Skip Hess, always regaled me with stories, since that is, after all, what newspaper people do -- tell stories, with words and pictures. Of course, Skp had more than one about Edwin Parks, the departed copy messenger at The News, but this is the one I wrote down -- for an occasion such as this.

These are Skip's words; I was the mere scribe...

"Edwin the copy messenger once started a baseball pool in the composing room. A guy won it, but Edwin erased the winner's name and wrote his own name in

"The guy complained to Edwin, but he refused to admit anything, so the guy went to Gene Pulliam, the publisher (and father figure), and told him what happend. He also produced the incriminating scrap of paper.

"Gene called Edwin in, and Gene repeated what he had been told. Edwin denied it.

"Gene said, 'Now Edwin, why do you think that he would come in here and tell me this?'

"Edwin said he didn't know.

"Mr. Pulliam looked at the piece of paper and asked Edwin to look at it -- where it was clear that a name had been erased. Edwin said, ' Mr. Pulliam, I don't know what he's talking about. That's my name.'

"Then Gene stood up and got his face real close to Edwin and said, 'Godammit, Edwin, are you lying to me?' and Edwin said, 'Yep.'"


Tell The Truth [Member] said:


Every time I hear a Pulliam story like this, I want to know more.

Because all I saw as a reader, was the hateful Pulliam-family-directed Loeb-like political agenda.

So, thanks, Ruthie. It helps put the 60s-70s into a different context.

It doesn't change my opinion of their political agenda, but it does alter my opinion of their psyche. Favorably.

2010-03-26 10:00:08

Larry Fortner [unverified] said:

i remember eddie well, and fondly. he was a happy person and totally honest, except when he was lying to you. skip's stories are a treasure, but be advised that he makes most of them up.

2010-03-26 12:34:01

Dee Dee [unverified] said:

I am Eddie's niece. Our family would like to thank all of you for your kind thoughts and affection for our Eddie. We will miss him terribly -- but he left us all the better for having lived a life that featured him as our "lighter moment". Our family will never be the same without Eddie at the "kids table" telling stories and being the biggest clown. RIP, dude! and save us all a seat!

2010-03-26 14:25:05

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