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Dateline: Wed 24 Mar 2010

-- Catch Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp, author of the Star's gardening column on Saturday, at Sullivan Hardware on Keystone -- she's running the store's garden department and will be offering free gardening seminars this spring.

For more info, check her website:

 The Sullivan store is located at 6955 N. Keystone. Congrats to Jo Ellen, who also is the editor for Indiana Living Green magazine.

-- Bob Kravitz is no longer on the air.

The Star's well-read sports columnist (and well paid) had a nice little (one hears it was lucrative, so not so little) gig on WFNI-AM sports radio -- 1070. He was the Kravitz in "Kravitz & Eddie" radio show, which was a sports-yak afternoon venue. Emmis, which hired Kravitz to boost ratings, pulled the plug a week ago Monday March 15. The show started in 2008.

-- Former Star zones editor and features writer Annette Fuller (Annette Fuller Reynolds was her byline then) is now gracing the pages of the Chinese Daily and working out of Beijing. The publication is the national English-language newspaper for China. The globe-trotting Annette was formerly in Algiers, where she was part of a program to build budding journalists.

Here's where to find her stories:



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