Edwin Park passes

Dateline: Wed 24 Mar 2010

This is from The Great Hoosier Daily page on Facebook; former News and Star features/copy editor Jim Lindgren wrote it about longtime News copy messenger Edwin Park -- one of the greats:

Edwin O. Park died today after a short illness. Gerry Lafollette spoke to Madonna, Eddie's sister, and provided these details.
Eddie has been in and out of the hospital lately, and has not been eating. He fell last Thursday, and they took him to Clarian, I believe. There they discovered he was riddled with cancer. They ...were looking into hospice care, but Eddie apparently was ready to go and he died today.
I saw him not too long ago, and he had just gotten back to the nursing home after a previous stay.
Calling is from noon to 2pm, followed by a service, Saturday in Hartley Funeral Home in Arcadia, IN. It's in northern Hamilton county.
Gerry and David Mannweiler and I talked, and we want to make sure an obit gets into the paper. Gerry is going to talk with Madonna about it. David and I said we were sure we could collect enough money to pay for it. I have many Eddie stories that members of this group have shared, so that material is available and some of it might actually be appropriate.
I'll send out more info as soon as I know.


If you don't know The Great Hoosier Daily website, it is, as Lingren says (he's the creator, prez and cheer committee chairman): "For former employees of The Indianapolis News, an afternoon daily tht no longer exists except in our hearts."

Thanks to former investigative reporter and outdoor writer Skip Hess, who also worked at The News, I have some Eddie stories in my files somewhere....they are indeed legion.

I never worked at The News, although I probably should have...it had the hustle I admired....but I do know that Eddie was representative of the characters that once used to populate America's newsrooms. It was a big tent, back in the day, and we were all better for it...


david mannweiler [unverified] said:

did you receive the e4ddie stories i sent you?

2010-03-24 18:47:00

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