Christian Science Monitor praises Evanoff, Aamidor book on auto industry

Dateline: Tue 09 Mar 2010

The book, "At the Crossroads: Middle America and the Battle to Save the Car Industry," by former Indianapolis Star reporter Abe Aamidor and current biz reporter Ted Evanoff, has won acclaim in a review by the Christian Science Monitor.

Here's the gist:

"Although they champion the workingman and everyday laborer, neither author hesitates to illustrate the self-inflicted wounds exacted at the very hands of GM and Chryslers’ management and work force. Extravagant labor contracts saddled with very generous unemployment benefits bear part of the blame. The repeated shortsightedness of GM and Chrysler executives also deserves its fair share of condemnation. High sales throughout the 1940s and 1950s created a “never idle the assembly lines” mind-set. As long as the factories were churning out product and the American people were buying, technological innovation was no more than a peripheral concern.

"The scope of 'At the Crossroads' is broad because any understanding of the rise, decline, and history of government policies concerning the auto industry requires a deep inspection of diverse subjects. This book is at once an American industrial history, financial assessment, cultural analysis, economic inspection, and global forecast.

"Evanoff and Aamidor’s work deserves praise for its meticulous reporting and thorough research. This work is not a light, easy jaunt through the American automotive crisis and the corresponding problems that have descended upon the increasingly global network of jobs and technology the industry requires. Aamidor and Evanoff astutely show how the challenges of the small-town entrepreneur are directly connected to the fortunes of communities that have relied for generations, at least tangentially, on the domestic automotive giants."

To read the review in its entireity,


Tell The Truth [Member] said:

This is your second post on this subject. I'm hooked. Going to the Irvington library tonight and trying to find it.

I'm taking back Sarah Palin's book. I waited for two months on the reserve list, got it last week, and for God's sake, I'm now convinced ANYONE can write a book. It reads like she talks. "Progress" is a verb.

Five chapters and my brain needs a shower. Abe's book is jsut the remedy.

2010-03-09 08:55:35

hendy [Member] said:

Wait until you see Rove's book. Sociopathy at work.

Praise otherwise for our Hoosier reporters, and their bravery!

2010-03-09 10:33:28

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

I will not favour Mr. Rove with my money. I love my library and will get the book from there.

Just like Sarah's.

But Hendy, it can't read worse than Sarah's. Sheer idiocy in print. And she was almost a heartbeat away. Shivers down my spine.

But, ya gotta give folks like that plenty of rope. People are catching on.

By the by, hear the story that Karl's dad was gay? Yep. And his own son promoted political shenanigans that elevated homophobia to an art form among neocons. Exploit & conquer!

2010-03-09 10:50:22

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