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Dateline: Tue 02 Mar 2010

A friend noted that a couple of food-related blogs on this blogroll had not posted for awhile; another friend/foodie explains that the restaurant scene in Indy is in transition at best and not happening at worst, and that therefore there is not much to say.

Nonetheless, friend No. 1 sent along a link to a blog -- "Would I Buy It Again" -- that reviews local restaurants. Apparently four reviewers post on this site, which I found interesting and helpful -- mainly because it has introduced me to some places I've not heard of, especially in the ever-popular ethnic food category.

Check it out.


Tell The Truth [Member] said:

You are a veritable font of information. Thanks! WIBIA is priceless.

2010-03-02 14:05:52

Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

Ruthie! Say it isn't so!

You've not seen

2010-03-02 19:14:21

wibia [unverified] said:

Thanks for the link Ruth. Just found out about your blog...very informative.

Also, thanks for saying that we review local restaurants and that we are not a fast food blog.… we review 5 items a week and are usually ½ chain/ff and ½ local. 2 of the guys concentrate on ff, and two of us are local focused.

I would also recommend Indy Ethnic Food, great site. Check out Indianapolis Amy as well…more of a lifestyle blog, but usually has some good info regarding food.

2010-03-03 08:04:58

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