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Dateline: Sat 12 Jun 2010

Friend and former Star reporter Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp has a lovely garden column in this morning's paper, and it is also on her website

The subject is Bill Hopkins, 80, who was known for his spectacular flowers at 71st and Johnson Road on the Northewastside, as well as for providing bouquets to admirers on the honor system. He charged $5; you picked what you wanted, and simply put your donation into a box.

Not many of us bring so much beauty and joy into the world as Mr. Hopkins, an agriculturalist for ELANCO until he retired. His home, as I recall, was on a bit of a hill, and the whole front was a sea of lillies and other blooms. He grew perennials, annual and ornamentals, Jo Ellen says.

Someone had alerted me to his work when I was still writing a metro column at the paper. I visited and wrote about him and his wife, Patricia, who shared his love of turning earth and creating gardens.

Mr. Hopkins died June 1.

Jo Ellen quotes his daughter Kimberly Hopkins Rusk as saying, “He didn’t think he had done much in this world we live, but in my heart of hearts I know that many admired what he did."

This is true.


Tell The Truth [Member] said:

A friend knew Mr. Hopkins at Elanco and said that he was the only person he'd ever known at work, whom everyone loved.

In today's workplac,e that's a strong endorsement of character.

2010-06-13 06:38:41

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