Abe Aamidor: new chapter

Dateline: Tue 08 Jun 2010

Former Indianapolis News and Star features writer Abe Aamidor, a published author of several books, leaves Wednesday for a 9-day fact finding trip with a group of 20 American and Canadian academics to Israel.

His group, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, will meet with Palestinian and Israeli parliamentarians and local academics.

He will be the lone journalist on the trip. Scholars for Peace in the Middle East is a politically middle-of-the-road group that supports a peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Aamidor's books include: "Shooting Star: The Rise & Fall of the British Motorcycle Industry," "At the Crossroads: Middle America and the Battle to Save the Auto Industry" (written in collaboration with Star biz reporter Ted Evanoff) and "Chuck Taylor, All Star: The True Story of the Man behind the Most Famous Athletic Shoe in History."

To learn more about Scholars for Peace, here is their link:


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