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Dateline: Mon 07 Jun 2010


After making an ass out of herself, Helen Thomas "has retired effective immediately," according to the Hearst Corporation.

She got the boot.

During her long career, she racked up a lot of feminist firsts: first female officer of the National Press Club, first woman in the White House Correspondents Association, first woman to head the Gridiron. Yawn.

But she was -- or so she seemed to me -- almost a mascot journalist, one of those predicatable faces who asked predictable questions and almost sucked up to whomever was in office. Her remarks May 27 about Jews in Israel -- that they should go back home to Poland and Germany -- may have shown the real Helen Thomas: a bigot and a phony, posing as a liberal reporter but under the surface, quite the hater.

She will go down in history as the reporter who overstayed her welcome.

And the Mel Gibson Award of the year goes to...Helen.




Marycatherine Barton [unverified] said:

If you would permit me to say so, i am in total disagreement with your assessment of the brilliant Helen Thomas, a woman and journalist of utmost integrity. She will be missed by all those who want Obama challenged by the media, on behalf of those of us who want him to tell the truth.

2010-06-07 18:58:18

hendy [Member] said:

Here's a second.

I'll vote with Thomas and Chomsky.

Heaven forbid you side against the lobby for Israel. From my perspective, you have twin orthodoxies battling for similar ground, when each (and all of us) should be negotiating for peace and resolution. Forgiveness might be a stretch, but so it goes.

If you fear what you believe is the truth, then you're jailed. Helen Thomas has been given a suspended sentence, and has been perceived to have lost her license. She was railroaded. I may or may not agree with her, but I'll defend her right to say it and CONTINUE to have her seat.... just like the rotten (expletives deleted) Limbaugh has a similar right. In Thomas's case, I'm vastly closer to her sentiment than that of Limbaugh; I believe Limbaugh to be a pathological liar (although I'm not a MH professional in Indiana or anywhere else).

Mel Gibson was over the moon compared to Thomas.

2010-06-07 23:10:53

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

Helen Thomas far outlived her capabilities as a reporter, which in any case were never that profound.

Her bigotry and lack of historical perspective-- send Jews back to Poland?-- are profoundly troubling. That she is of Lebanese ancestry partially explains her bigotry.

She's been nothing but window dressing for decades, polite acknowledgment that even old folks hate to leave thre stage.

2010-06-08 06:45:17

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

"when each (and all of us) should be negotiating for peace and resolution"

I wish the Israelis were not so intractable on building new settlements.

That said, how does a state of 6 million negotiate with much larger surrounding states, which espouse as national policy the eradication of Israel? When your neighbors want to blow up your children and burn your house to the ground, where does "meaningful dialogue" begin? And how often have Syria and Iran and Egypt-- and Palestine- taken the initiative to settle things in a friendly manner?

The Palestinians are nothing but game chips for the Arabs and Iranians. They could have been resettled long ago in Arab lands...if Arabs cared about their welfare.

If only those fesity few Jews would stop picking on their neighbors, everything would settle down in the world.

"Never again. And if again, not alone."

2010-06-08 07:00:21

ruthholl [Member] said:

And for the record: let a million flower/opinions grow, but my money is on Tom's statements. Well said.

2010-06-08 16:34:13

ruthholl [Member] said:

Also, my dear friends, whether we agree or disagre, is Israel/Palestine becoming for us Americans what abortion once was -- we simply cannot find common ground?
It seems the camps are pretty at odds, although I can still see a lot of gray area. As I said, it's complicated, and Israel is not without blame. Still, it is Hamas et al that has the upper hand when it comes to jihad and waging terror. They seem much less likely to sit down and negotiate...more militant, more one-sided.
Maybe we can find some moderates on both sides?

2010-06-08 16:37:29

Ellen McKinney [unverified] said:

another appalling facet of helen thomas's comments:

for many israelis, going to poland, germany, etc., would not be going "back" any more than thomas herself would be going "back" to lebanon. most israelis of european descent are too young to have fled europe. they are the children, grandchildren, etc., of immigrants, just as thomas is. and what would she do with the jews of ethiopia, russia and other lands who have come to israel?

(and, of course, among reasons for israel's founding is that when those who'd fled the nazis tried to go back after the war to reclaim what had been taken from them, they often were slaughtered.)

the current situation in israel is a good example of what happens when moderates are driven out of politics. we americans would do well to reflect on that before our own fall elections.

and it's a pity that thomas now will be remembered more for the last few days of her career than for all the achievements that went before it.

2010-06-09 11:49:07

whosear [Member] said:

She left out Russia and some other Eastern Eurpoean states, from which 1/6 of the present Israeli citizens were former Soviet citizens. And which may explain why Israel's move away from moderation.

This also explains Israel's lack of respect for American advice and opinion, it's shabby treatment of Turkey, and it's falling stock in the world.

But of course,they always have Rahm Emanuel.

2010-06-17 15:19:04

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