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Dateline: Sat 31 Jul 2010

A friend/subscriber to the Indianapolis Star has been notified that Gannett intends to charge extra to those good of us to get the paper delivered, because of the Thanksgiving issue's "complexity."

Here is what the Star subscriber said:

"I just got this letter from Indy Star thanking me for being an EZPay customer...and with a note saying that in November, the paper will pull $19.45 out of my bank account 'to include delivery of the Thanksgiving 2010 holiday edition, which will be charged at the regular newsstand price. The price reflects the complexity of delivering the oversized paper, allowing your carrier to be compensated accordingly.'

"WTF!!!!!! So now, putting out a big issue is complex and will cost more to have it delivered?? I'm paying the newsstand price?? I don't get it."

The normal EZPay billing is $18.05 a month.



guy77money [unverified] said:

Hmmm all the extra cash the Star receives from the advertising on the Thanksgiving issue and they can't compensate the carriers! Madness!

2010-07-31 17:29:20

ruthholl [Member] said:

I know. When I think about canceling my subscription, there are good reasons to do so.
But as my friend says, I like to read the paper in the morning over coffee, and I like to know about my community.
Also, at this point, why punish the contractors who carry and deliver the paper? They have it rough enough, working for those turkeys.

2010-07-31 22:47:56

Seneca [unverified] said:

Using the Star's line of reasoning, the prices of Monday's, Tuesday's and Wednesday's papers should be reduced. They are not at all "complex" and don't use much newsprint.

2010-08-01 07:24:11

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

How can they legally slap a $20 overcharge on your bill?!

As if the Thanksgiving issue-- or any other-- is worth an additional $20!

If they do this to us I will cancel my subscription. I may renew later, with the expectation it will cost them more than $20 to reinstitute my home delivery.

This is a monumentally bad business idea this will backfire cost-wise because of cancelled subs.

2010-08-01 10:19:24

JL Kato [unverified] said:

Tom, relax. The increase is $1.40 or so over the regular monthly price. The $19.45 price is the monthly cost for November. Still, it's a bad precedent. If, heaven forbid, a local sports team advances unexpectedly in a national tournament, requiring unplanned overtime, would subscribers be charged more? Ooops. Perhaps I should have remained silent.

2010-08-01 10:59:04

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

In Roseanne Rosanannadanna's words, "Never Mind."

I hate to waste a good rant.

2010-08-01 12:26:21

ruthholl [Member] said:

JL Kato, I think you've got their numbers.
Look for those sports extra sections, hoop te-do, coming our way and out of our pocketbooks.
Rants are never wasted here!

2010-08-02 09:12:05

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