The rich are different from you and I

Dateline: Fri 30 Jul 2010

They are uglier. Nastier. More vicious.

Oh, yes, and it must be harder for them to get into Heaven. Especially a stepmother, one Bren Simon, who refers to her stepson David Simon, who is running the family company, as a "terrorist." The same Bren Simon coined a term for her stepdaughter: "Debbie bin Laden." But then her late husband Melvin Simon said of his own son, "I can't stand him."

OK, this is a soap opera, but it's all pertinent to yet another rich-family feud unfolding in Central Indiana. And to his credit, business reporter Jeff Swiatek, one of my faves, has parted the curtains in print re: this dysfunctional functioning family. Read "A Family Divided" in today's Star. (This should be running on a Sunday).


Z [unverified] said:

A bunch of greedy parasites. Not to mention the parasite getting $millions of taxpayer welfare (who, according to reports, talks out of both sides of his mouth).

How many face (and other) lifts has the Simon woman had? She looks as phony as a $4 bill.

2010-07-30 07:50:35

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

Don't be drinking coffee when you get toward the end of the piece, lest you blow it out your nose as Swiatek waxes about the Simons' "generosity" to the community.

Some might argue SPG has been the recipients of handouts, not to say massive handouts, by Indianapolis managers. (The $13 million annually Mel got to "maintain" Conseco, for example, pleading that the Pacers have cost him millions but failing to provide ANY numbers of proof, growl grumble and so on, plus the HQ property, etc. etc.)

If Brenda has her skin pulled any tighter, her eyes will pop from her head.

2010-07-30 07:55:41

Z [unverified] said:

I read the piece before having coffee (dry heaves).

So they "generously" gave $150 million. How does that compare with the $400+ million they have had handed to them by the lapdogs at the mayor's office and the CIB over the years (IBJ, April 18, 2009)?

2010-07-30 08:26:21

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

The sloppy accounting done by the CIB seems to be matched only by the sloppy accounting here. $400 mil Z? Where? How?

The estate articles are mind-numbing, and revealing, and Jeff is doing a bang-up job. But let's not forget, the Simons have been generous in this community. Very generous.

Yeah, I'm mad about the HQ in a park downtown. But I moved on. And the whole Conseco thing is a ltitle nutty.
But let's keep it in perspective, huh?

And, for what it's worth, among the biz community that deals with the Simons on a regular basis, Jeff is known as a cut-throat shark who screams at the drop of a hat. Tyrant. Brilliant. A couple of his cousins in the biz are held in severe disdain by their colleagues.

But their company is the recognized world-dominant retail developer and manager. I am glad their HQ is here. Lots of brainpower and money in that building.

Are they Carnegies or Lillys with their money? Nope. Hell few are these days. But they are generous.

I wish the divorce thing would go away. It won't. We'll be entertained for months with this stuff.

2010-07-30 10:24:42

Z [unverified] said:

" $400 mil Z? Where? How?"

". . . Simons have been generous in this community. Very generous."

Not nearly as generous as this community has been to them.

Read the article for yourself. Here is the link to the article from Advance Indiana:

"The IBJ's Cory Schouten does the math on the total value of public subsidies to the Simon family over the years and the amount is staggering--over $400 million."

2010-07-30 14:56:56

Z [unverified] said:

This article from IBJ is dated April 20, 2009:

2010-07-30 14:58:48

Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

Ah, where's Mullinix when we need her? Nobody knows the Simon soap opera better than our best society columnist!

2010-07-30 16:42:48

news junkie [Member] said:

TTT -- don't you mean David Simon is the screamer and not Jeff (Swiatek???)

2010-07-30 19:09:42

NewsVet [Member] said:

Cory - I mean "Z" - that is old news. Sorry.

2010-07-31 20:49:42

Z [unverified] said:


You asked "Where? How?"

I gave you the answer, told you where to find the story and gave you the path. What's your problem?

2010-08-01 08:13:55

NewsVet [Member] said:

What are you talking about? What I meant is that no one cares what you wrote way back when.

2010-08-04 12:43:40

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