Hardscrabble Press Club

Dateline: Tue 20 Jul 2010

If you are a retiree from the Indianapolis Star, the News or the Times, or worked in broadcast media or public relations or anything associated, you may already know about the Hardscrabble Press Club.

Here is the latest, form Marion Garmel, onetime art and book critic at the News, and theater critic at the Star:

"For the past 17 years, John Sellers has kept the roster of the Hardscrabble Press Club, which meets Tuesdays at 10 a.m. at Glendale Library (God and the Library Board willing).

"John, who originally worked for the Franklin Evening Star, is in failing health. He passed  the roster on to Gerry LaFollette, who worked on the Indianapolis News and Times.

"Gerry will be the official attendance taker, maybe for the next 17 years. John took over that role from Frank Widner, who was the original attendance taker.

"The Hardscrabble Press Club is composed mostly of retired reporters who once worked on the Indianapolis Times and, when that folded in 1965, split to other papers and jobs. They encompass former Indianapolis
News, Star, broadcast, public relations and photo people.

"Among those at the recent meeting:Dick Mittman, Marion Garmel, Stan Huseland, Mark Sellers (John's
grandson), Carol Keppler, Bob Sellers (John's son), Russ Leonard, Carl Henn and Rodger Birchfield, Gerry LaFollette, John Sellers, Lawrence (Bo) Connor, Al Bolin and Charles Schisla."

Thanks to Marion for letting us know the latest.


Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

I miss the Indianapolis Press Club. The real one, atop the ISTA building. I left a lot of money on the bar.

It was a piece of the whole newspaper scene in the 1960s-70s: the Star published the Bulldog edition around 10 pm, and often reporters retired to the IPC for refreshment. The ambiance was better than at the Wishing Well.

Star and News and radio/tv folk and sports and political figures were involved with the IPC, and many social activities transpired there. Interviews, meetings, alliances and chicanery occurred.

The annual roast, the Frontpage Ball, the Last Row party...all of this occurred back when newspapers were important and reporters were likewise.

Now TV news is characterized by shouted opinion, newsreaders trying to be clever, blonde size 3s and everyone talking at the same time. Now all I see in the Star are big photos. (Though creds to Tully for today's column about IBE problems. Needed to be said.)

The IPC also had a wonderful view of the StateHouse, especially when it snowed.

2010-07-21 08:47:53

old anarchist [unverified] said:

I miss the Springs when the whistling "Bird Man" would come to 307 North Pennyslvania Street and bless the building. That was around the early 70s ... he's probably long gone ... at a time when the old building is in dire need of any kind of blessing.

2010-07-21 09:55:04

mlw [Member] said:

While we are lamenting...
Wasn't it a shame that the Star never mentioned Frank Widner's induction into the Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame in April?

2010-07-21 10:10:08

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