Greyhound bus named Desire

Dateline: Thu 08 Jul 2010

Did you hear about the Greyhound bus that was stopped on I-70 near Indy for several hours Wednesday evening?

Traveling east from sweltering St. Louis, the bus was motoring along near Sam Jones Expressway without any air conditioning. Since Wednesday was the hottest day of the year to date in these here parts, passengers became hot as firecrackers.

The following exchange took place, as reported by the Indiana State Police:

"...a male passenger said, 'The air (conditioner) blew up.'

"Followed by a female passenger asking him, 'What is going to blow up?'

"And the male passenger responding sarcastically, 'The bus is going to blow up. I have a bomb in my cane.'"

This resulted in Big Daddy, the bus driver, calling 911, which prompted the Indiana State Police to show up with bomb-sniffing dogs. They all proceeded to search the bus for a few hours, as passenges milled on the side of the road and no doubt persprired heavily.

All we are missing is whiskey and sex, Stella, the sweet bird of youth and an iguana (although given the reported passenger dialogue, I think they were all there).

A contemporary Tennessee Williams need only mix in a terrorist angle, stir (or shake) and we have the makings of at least a fresh Fringe Fest play for Indy....on the rocks, thank you veheh much sugah. And watch out for that old man's's a pisser.



Marycatherine Barton [unverified] said:

Oh yes, what Tennesse (may he rest in peace} could have done with that scenario.

2010-07-11 00:43:21

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