Marketing the homeless?

Dateline: Mon 05 Jul 2010

A friend who works in the advertising industry would LOVE to do PR for our homeless in the city.

A few choice ideas about signage, pets, cell phones, etc.:

"Just give a penny" on cardboard -- not nearly bold enough.

"I'm not lyin'. I want beer" -- old hat.

Any sign that identifies the homeless individual as a Vietnam vet is so over.

But the ultimate faux pas is the individual who rattles a cup at passersby while chatting away on his cell phone.

Best marketing strategy: get a dog. They beg so nicely and everyone likes to feed dogs.




Seneca [unverified] said:

The dog shouldn't appear well fed or well kept. Gotta sustain the image, y'know.

Too bad the homeless don't have a ton of money. If they did, they could get $millions from state and local governments, even prime downtown real estate at no cost.

2010-07-05 12:04:46

hendy [Member] said:

Maybe you didn't see the cardboard sign seen in Manhattan, with a cup in front of it:

I suffer from terminal Invisibleitis. Please donate now.

2010-07-05 18:53:21

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

I wish there were a litmus test for homelessness. I want to help those folks. And I know, from a friend who works in that area of social work, that the numbers are staggering in our fair city.

So, I donate to all panhandlers. It's a few dollars a week. I suppose some are duping me. But if my 5-6 bucks a week goes to two or three scams, I am OK with that.

But damn, some of them are getting really pushy downtown. Aggressive with a capital "A".

2010-07-06 05:59:54

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