Act of God????

Dateline: Fri 02 Jul 2010

In college, we used to joke, "The God I don't believe in would never.."etc

Well, it really wasn't a joke, entirely. Buch of wise asses, trying to get a yuk at God's expense. Big deal.

But our youthful hubris is outmatched by that of New Yawk City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently noted that the death of a 6-month-old girl in Central Park was "an act of God." A tree limb fell on the child, killing her; the mother was critically injured. And this is an act of God???

Don't they teach free will in mayoral school? Do they not learn the physics of forestry? I think we can all agree that the mayor was trying to say that this was a freak accident, something not preventable. But to call it an act of God, as if God in his heaven is pulling little switches on trees, seeing what babies he can blast today, is ludicrous.

Or just plain silly.




hendy [Member] said:

In his hyperbole, I think he meant random event. NYC is a crowded place, and I wonder how more people aren't killed by strange stuff. The densities in Manhattan are bizarre to me; wondrous, yet devoid of green things, even in summer.

Forgive Bloomberg. He's a rich man that literally bought his election results. I don't know if it's real dedication or narcissism in the extreme, but he's vastly better than Rudy.

2010-07-02 12:01:32

CrossedWires [unverified] said:

Act of God means the insurance companies wont have to pay in most instances. Maybe he was clarifying that. Like some current congress members trying to get the gulf oil spill declared as an act of god for similiar reasons.

2010-07-02 12:59:37

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

Interesting question, Ruth.

That is a very bizarre expression and I wonder if it comes from historic puritanical concepts about God as the big guy up in the sky who strikes those who make mistakes in life with lightening bolts from the sky.

As a parent (who has seen birth "up close and personal"), I believe that the birth of a child is an "act of God" and that the death of a little baby most certainly is not.

Just my two cent's worth.

2010-07-02 16:31:09

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Yep. "Act of God" has an insurance and legal definition, Ruthie...although I don't know how NYC allowed that nutcase to run for a third term. He's a self-absorbed nincompoop.

2010-07-02 17:59:58

news junkie [Member] said:

It's not an act of God if there was inadequate tree care and maintenance because of budget cuts. Property owners (including government) have a duty to make sure they do not have hazardous trees and if they do, to remove the danger. Property owners, such as parks departments, ball diamonds, greenways, office parks and homeowners, should conduct periodic inspections of trees for safety...but if public budgets are cut...well, we can see what can happens. If a party knows a tree is hazardous and it falls on another person's property (house, garage, car, or worse, a person) the insurance companies will not likely pay.

2010-07-02 18:30:14

hendy [Member] said:

No new taxes! Did you hear me?!? No new taxes!!!!!!

The greed culture becomes the inadvertent manslaughter culture.

2010-07-02 19:39:10

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

It is more rational to believe that God simply does not involve Him/Her/Itself in human affairs.

Otherwise one must conclude that God has a sick sense of humor.

2010-07-02 20:51:25

hendy [Member] said:

Or perhaps, God isn't what our ancestors believed.

2010-07-02 21:13:07

eric reiberg [unverified] said:

A significant portion of the population believes that God has a guiding or even direct hand in every single thing that happens on Earth, particularly the moment and means of death for each of us. It is not at all preposterous to call this an act of God. Does your God not decide when and how you shall be called to the afterlife?

2010-07-03 04:18:27

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

"Does your God not decide when and how you shall be called to the afterlife?"


Ice cream, Scotch and bad drivers will decide that.

Religion's feeble excuse for why bad things happen to good people (like God dropping a limb on a child, or the Holocaust, or any number of cruel misfortunes), that the ways of God are unknowable, simply illustrates the perversity of your God.

2010-07-03 07:17:47

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

I hope I don't offend anyone by interjecting a little bit of levity.

A sign that the Apocalypse is near:

I just learned that (the rock singer) Meatloaf is a vegetarian.

As Letterman says, "No, I am not making this up."

2010-07-04 18:33:44

Nicolas Martin [unverified] said:

Given His omniscience, what isn't an Act of God?

2010-07-04 22:01:59

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