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Dateline: Thu 28 Jan 2010

Betsy Light, former dance critic, film reviewer and arts/features reporter at the Indianapolis Star, continues to struggle with cancer on two fronts. She could use any support friends and colleagues are willing to give.

"The short story is, I'm two weeks out of ovarian surgery that was quite intense," Betsy explained in a phone call over the weekend. "...I am now dealing with the aftermath."

Betsy had breast surgery last summer in Indianapolis. Her most recent treatment (ovarian surgery) was in New York City. She is staying for a short time at the Hope Lodge, run by the American Cancer Society, as she recovers.

Betsy is planning for an upcoming double masectomy to combat the cancer (which has spread to her lymph nodes). She is also hoping to be able to travel to Germany or Mexico for some future treatments. Medical teams in those  countries, she says, have a "full protocol that helps clear the cancer out."

Betsy was diagnosed in June of 2008. She has been accepted as a patient at the BioMed Klinik in Germany, but she has not had the funds to travel there. "The longer I wait, the more complicated it becomes," she says.

If you would like to make a donation or write to Betsy, you can reach her at the Susan Betsy Light Fund, Legacy Banks, 25 Main Street, Lennox, Mass. 01240. Betsy would also love to hear from friends. Or you can email her at

She also is very thankfrul to those of you who helped her previously.


Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Thank you Ruth. Betsy is a gem. I will send a contribution, and she'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Your recitation sounds gruesome. I can only hope it's better than reported.

2010-01-28 15:09:04

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