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Dateline: Thu 14 Jan 2010

The following item (under the line) was on Jim Romenesko's website yesterday. It's a fascinating little notice that appeared on Craigslist last summer, posted by Jason Paul, who graduated from American University with a journalism degree and has been unable to get a job.

So he's writing his own story: he's living via Craigslist and writing about it on Twitter -- moving from city to city, hooking up with people he meets thru Craigslist, learning to knit, (new skills) and in general making a name for himself, sort of. You can read more about him a or by reading another blog at the end of this original ad he posted on craigslist.

If nothing else, this shows how much things have changed and what radical tools are on the Interweb. Do any of you go to craigslist for jobs, auctions, yard sales, jewelry (my faves) etc? It's great, although, as you probably know, it's probelematic at times, or has been in other cities -- unsavories using the free service to hook up and destroy.

But Jason Paul is having a fine old time, probably as good as if he'd gotten a "reall job" at a paper. Maybe even better.

Read all about it...

Date: 2009-07-01, 12:29PM America/Los_Angeles

Reply to:

My name is Jason Paul. After graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in communication, I attempted to pursue a “conventional” job writing for a number of publications. I applied for over 180 positions, from small papers in Lawrence, Kansas to Boulder, Colorado.

After an overwhelming swell of rejection emails, I called the conventional lifestyle quits and decided to pursue an idea of my own.

My idea? To live my life off Craigslist.

What does that mean exactly? Well, I’m glad you asked. I have made some ground rules that I will be living by over the year. Here they are:

>    I will start with $2,500 that I’ve saved during college
>    I will have a car, a phone, a computer and cameras to document the trip
>    I am not allowed to live out of my car
>    I am not allowed to live with someone I know for longer than a week at the beginning of each city
>    I am allowed one large bag containing clothes and a few staple foods
>    I am not allowed to initiate contact with someone unless it is through an online interaction

This means, put simply, I will find jobs, housing, friends, food and other necessities entirely via Craigslist.

My journey will last a little over nine months, with three months in three different sized cities.

Follow me on twitter @jscottpaul!

it IS ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests -- that's what this is all about!

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