Good news from Hopkins; not so good for Gannett (and NYT, etc)

Dateline: Tue 05 Jan 2010

Here is what former USA Today investigative business reporter Jim Hopkins, now residing back in San Francisco, has to say about his return to the world of blogging -- and hammering away at media elite:

"Indeed, I'm giving serious thought to reviving Gannett Blog, so long as I can attract 10,000 monthly unique visitors.

"My motivation? Several things:

"1. I was surprised at the number of visits -- thousands per month -- that my blog continued to record, months after I walked away, and with nothing new on the site. That told me there was still strong demand for a blog devoted to Gannett.

"2. My health has recovered from early summer, when months and months of seven-day-a-week blogging had worn me down. Six months later, I'm rested and have a better strategy.

"3. I've developed an idea for two, new media-related blogs that I think I can maintain with Gannett Blog. One is about the New York Times Co.; the other is about News Corp., owner of The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones & Co., Fox News and other businesses. The future of these new sites also depends on attracting a reasonable-size audience, however."

Love it. This lays to rest one theory floated by one friend, also a former newsie: that Hopkins was co-opted by Gannett and given a pay-off to shut up. I was astonished when my buddy put this idea forward, but the fact he did means it probably was not a lone thought. Now, if anyone else believed that, you can take it to the bank: Hopkins is NOT on anybody's payroll but his own.

Looking forward to some real watchdog journalism...


Jim Hopkins [unverified] said:

LOL, Ruth! I heard those Gannett-paid-him-off rumors, too -- and they were just that: rumors. (Two figures were floated: $50,000 and $100,000 to go away.)

2010-01-05 12:07:58

ruthholl [Member] said:

Wow. What a crazy story. Of course, you wouldn't cop for a penny less than a million, right? Which (no joke) Gannett could well afford. I mean, I read Indy Star publisher Michael Kane's memo to readers Sunday. Obviously, everything is peachy keen in the Star Media/Gannett empire...

2010-01-05 13:00:37

nicmart [Member] said:

Why don't we begin to ask why so few great blogs are the product of journalism school graduates. I'm also wondering why Ms. Holladay and her fellow IndyStar alumni aren't blogging the reporting they profess to love, rather than bemoaning their withering industry. It's as though, from the perspective of out-of-work reporters, the purpose of newspapers was to supply permanent employment, not to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

2010-01-08 06:33:41

Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

Not all good journalists are journalism school graduates. Such as myself.

2010-01-08 17:44:27

Nicolas Martin [unverified] said:

Ms. Cynical, I would contend that journalism schools exist to thwart good journalism, and they do that job well. I don't understand your syntax. Are you a journalism grad or a good journalist? If the latter, where is your good journalism published?

2010-01-11 08:50:37

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