Jim Hopkins of Gannettblog: the resurrection?

Dateline: Mon 04 Jan 2010

A friend sent a link to Ashvegas blog, which speculates on the possible return of Jim Hopkins' Gannettblog -- THE blog when it comes to keeping tabs on Gannett as well as doing investigative reporting. (Although I also enjoy the more sober gannettoid, which tends to print "just the facts" about developments in GWorld.

Here is the Ashvegas link:


After reading that, I sent Hopkins and email, then went to Gannettblog and sure enough, it sounds like Hopkins is getting back in the mix and the thick. He shut the blog down late last summer, but the hits continue -- so why not a second life?

"Hola!" is his greeting to readers....plus his speculations about various trends in the industry, etc.

Go read for yourself:







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