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Dateline: Mon 22 Feb 2010

or so it seemed, when Paul Ciesielski was the chief information officer for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

That was before he moved up the ranks to serve as commander of the Northwest District. And now that he's just been chosen to become the new chief of police by the new public safety director Frank Straub and Mayor Greg Ballard, it bodes well, not only for the department but for a city focused on crime.


Ciesielski is a cop's cop. But more importantly for the citizenry, he is a communicator. He lets you inside his head.

Best of all, from my vantage point as a former reporter at the Indianapolis Star, he was one of those guys who always returned phone calls promptly and always went the extra mile to get information. He cares.

OK, not everything is paradise; other media are reporting that the rank-and-file are not necessarily happy that the story was leaked before they were informed internally of the decision. But that seems small potatoes, given the overall picture.

BTW, the worst person ever at returning phone calls, in my book? Dem House Speaker Patrick Bauer. So if this chief thing doesn't work out, maybe Cieselski can head for South Bend and get in line to replace Bauer....and just to prove this is an equal opportunity offending blog, Republican U.S. Rep. Dan Burton could also stand a stand-in.

Seriously, best of luck to everyone at IMPD, even the leadership.


hendy [Member] said:

I've always wondered if there was a correlation between really bad comb-overs and low intelligence. Perhaps there's a metaphor in there somewhere. And congrats to Chief Ciesielski. Tough job. Low pay. Lotsa crooks.

2010-02-22 21:01:35

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

I've been part of several neighborhood leader meetings with Paul. Solid guy.

I was distressed to see on the newspaper's comment section, multiple (alleged) LEOs/spouses, bashing him.

Just one question: are LEOs ever happy? Or is this loud group a small minority? Seriously, I wanna know. I suspect there's still lingering resentment over the IMPD merger, which was overdue and welcome. But there's a constant bitchy undertone that's, well...unattractive.

Paul has a tough job on the streets. And if the Star comment log is even remotely accurate (???), he's got a tough job under the thin blue line, too.

Here's hoping he succeeds.

2010-02-23 05:32:05

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Ruth, Unverified PiperDB needs a swift kick in the ass.

But at least the ads are gone.

2010-02-23 09:08:53

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