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Dateline: Tue 16 Feb 2010

I'm not buying what Star political columnist Matt Tully postulated: that Evan Bayh, at the ripe age of 54, simply wants to spend time with his teen-age boys --and what, Tully asks, is wrong with that?

Tully got his say. Now here are some thoughts from others on Sen. Evan Bayh's decision to ditch the Dems as a senator...and what may lie ahead (because, no matter how much he may love  his sons, he will be working...):

From friend Walfredo Freitas, who loves politics as much as cats love catnip:

"Hillary Clinton will leave State Department after her daughter's wedding....
"Bayh is not seeking re-election because he is going to join Hillary."

We do know that Bayh was a Hillary boy, so perhaps this is in the cards. A lot of people think Hillary is primed.

Another friend sees a job for Evan at Lilly or WellPoint. Bayh did acknowledge, of course, that he is more of an executive type in leadership style rather than a deal-making Senatorial guy, so maybe running a division of a big company in Indiana will appeal to him. But then, will he really uproot those boys he loves so much from their schools and their friends etc???

Whatever the future holds, one thing is sure: Obama must be very ticked off. And one can only imagine what strongman Rahm Emmanuel is saying.

This is from Yahoo news:

"'He (Bayh) is a centrist, and it seems that the center is not holding,' said Diane Ravitch of the Brookings Institution in a posting on Politico.com. 'If senators such as Bayh leave or lose, the rancor in Washington will get louder and meaner.'

"His decision not to run for a third term was the latest sign of trouble coming at Obama and his Democrats as they head into mid-term elections amid rising public anger over high unemployment and economic uncertainty."

I find it odd that there is so much nice talk and praise for Bayh, when in truth, he is deserting his party and his president at a critical time....obviously, that plays well with Hoosiers, since it seems difficult to find anyone of stature who will speak ill of his decision, at least publicly.




hendy [Member] said:

Saying that Bayh is a centrist is in fact, a misnomer, unless you believe that centrism is a pole slung to the right-wing of politics. This is admittedly where HClinton came from, and why she was plainly rejected outright at the poles-- except in Indiana, where she won handily.

If a fragmentation comes in the Democratic Party, then it plays into the hands of the opposition to them-- far better than a stooge like Palin could ever do. Polarization will become even more profound. I hope he goes back to Sullivan Co and has a good time on the farm. TTT will revile me for this, but Bayh is ineffectual at best, and inactive at worst.

2010-02-16 10:17:24

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

I don't revile anyone, Hendy. You're just wrong on this one. I'm wrong sometimes, too.

I know the Bayhs, and this Walfredo post is hilarious. Bill Clinton and Evan do not play well together. And that's putting it mildly. It stems from many thigns---during one Clinton presidential visit to Indiana, the Bayhs were an hour late to meet him at the airport. Bill fumed. Evan detested Bill's, uh...indiscretions. Both Clintons were angry that Evan didn't throw his full weight into their primary fight--EB cleverly had two top lieutenants running each campaign. He endorsed Hillary, and she won the Indiana primary by less than .5%, but if Evan had thrown his weight into it, The Region would've come in even strongeer than it did. He did just enough to stand by his early commitment.

He wouldn't walk away from an early commitment, but I'm pretty sure he's sorry he made it. The land beneath him shifted, and the Iowa Obama victory propelled a future president. Against almost all odds.

Fragmentation has already hit home in both parties, Hendy. Severely. Be careful what you wish for: if the GOP regains control of either House, especially the Senate, the hateful wing of their party runs the show.

It'll be Marriage Amendment, Guns 'n Butter, Terrorists-are-Everywhere 24/7. Need a primer? Watch Glen Beck.

Glen is right once in a blue moon, but he's an opportunist. Every day.

Another potential sideshow in a Republican Senate: Judiciary Chair Jeff Sessions. If that doesn't send shivers down your spine, it should. Think Supreme Court. And remember: Clarence Thomas will be there (sigh) another 30 years. Scalia will only leave in a body bag. Which, if it were legal, I'd think about arranging.

Walfredo, you're a nice man, but the speculation is amiss. Have at it, though. This is a day (or week) full of it.

2010-02-16 10:36:18

Ms. Cynical [unverified] said:

Wonkette (the DC blog) is speculating about a revelation concerning Bayh and Thai boys. There is a "real reason", and it's not rancor in the Senate!

2010-02-16 11:22:12

ruthholl [Member] said:

All these insights -- much appreciated and so fascinating.
I had the chance to interview Evan Bayh once, and I must say, I'm not sure he was at ease with himself. The subject was some education initiative he was sponsoring; good stuff. But he was so stiff and awkward in the phone interview; kept using my name 80 million times, almost like someone had told him to do that...it was mighty strange.
Maybe he will be happier away from all the bustle.
Now, God help me, I must check out Wonkette.

2010-02-16 15:17:22

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