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Dateline: Mon 13 Dec 2010

from our friend and former Indianapolis Star colleague/reporter Joseph Gelarden:

"On a recent trip back home to Oswego, NY, I saw a sign on a house that said 'The Fix Law Office.'

"A billboard on I-71 north of Columbus, Ohio, advertised the services of a health clinic. It said 'We Know Snot.'
"Merry Christmas to all.


I also loved the two seen in tandem on the Northside of Indy, 46th and College, years ago -- beat-up pick-up with three guys crammed in the front. One bumper sticker read:

"Roofers do it on top."

The other:

"Don't hit me -- my lawyer's in jail."

Merry Christmas, Joe!


Ellen McKinney [unverified] said:

my current fave:

Palin/Beck 2012
Lipstick & Dipstick

2010-12-13 15:12:19

hendy [Member] said:


Envision Whirled Peas!

2010-12-13 15:16:26

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Not a bumper sticker, but a sign on a North Webster antique shop, which is still there:

"Some good stuff. Some poopy stuff."

Honest signage rules.

Companion thought: if every business were forced to similarly advertise, what kind of signs would we see?

McDonald's: "Excellent fries. Excellent real estate. Apologies for fat content. Donations to Ronald McDonald House and Medical Research."

Steak 'n Shake: "Greasy burgers, great shakes, no apologies."

St. Vincent Hospital: "Dedicated health care professionals. Ruthless accountants. Sorry, Sisters."

The possibilities are endless. Sorry for the hijack Ruthie.

2010-12-14 05:55:01

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