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Dateline: Fri 27 Aug 2010

cutting jobs in radical overhaul. Will the Indianapolis Star go this route, asks Hendy?


Thanks to him for sending this our way.



hendy [Member] said:

Org Chart:

Managing Editor/Online Editor
Bunch of Writers
Kentuckian Copy Editors
Press in Louisville

2010-08-27 14:41:14

Quixmundi [Member] said:

Content rings for Gannett? Just one more step in the ongoing dumbing down of their newspapers (if you can call them newspapers these days).

Moving the layout to Kentucky is just a first step in regionalizing the news delivered. Sad to see our local newspaper be reduced to a ad sotted rag with little to no local interest.

2010-08-30 12:05:57

Ellen McKinney [unverified] said:

"Under no circumstances do we ever compromise our integrity," Hunke said.

of COURSE they don't. gannett corporate has none to compromise.

2010-09-01 13:23:28

everettfet [unverified] said:

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