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Dateline: Mon 02 Aug 2010

I just dug out my morning paper. Really, the home edition headline on today's lead story in the Indianapolis Star is even more egregious:

"Downtown rises above recession"

Oh, really? How in hell does that headline explain the record number of pan-handlers Downtown, begging for money and food? How does it explain all the empty office space? All the houses/concos for sale? I am convinced this story was a public relations plant, something generated from a press release or whatever.

However, Gannett should save this headline and recycle it when 12 designers at the Indianapolis Star lose their jobs, since the Star is outsourcing its design work to Louisville.

After all, the Star is a Downtown-based business. And leave it to Gannett to put the spin on shenanigans.

We shall all choke on our mirth.

If any of this is a mystery, see the previous post, referencing today's Page 1 story and commentary from fellow blogger Gary Welsh at Advance Indiana.


Whitebeard [unverified] said:

Ruth, you're getting me stirred up too much today, i.e., "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore" (Network movie reference). Not good for a sick old man. Might have to up my dose of blood pressure medicine.

I'm thinking today about bunches of little children in Indianapolis Public Schools who will go to schools without air conditioning next week with temperatures outside in the '90s.

Glad to hear downtown Indianapolis is "prospering" so much. I don't think these IPS kids would agree. You know, the ones who are running to the nurses' offices to grab their asthma inhalers or to have the nurse pat down their hot little faces with cool towels.

Can you think on that, you courageous/heroic members of the "Save The Children" braintrust at The Star?

2010-08-02 14:45:47

Rose [unverified] said:

Right on, Whitebeard -

The "I grew up with no a/c and turned out just fine" crowd didn't have a year-round school schedule, and school in early August. As for me, I find it absolutely appalling that any office building in town is air conditioned, but the schools aren't. I just don't see how kids can be expected to focus and learn in a sweltering room. No air conditioning but year-round school seems to me like that's not taking school very seriously.

2010-08-02 15:16:45

hendy [Member] said:

There's an obvious contextual disconnection. If you're mostly white, living in your favorite Hamilton, Hendricks, Johnson, Hancock, Boone, Shelby, or Morgan County bedroom community, things are great. You get to eat at the latest franchise, and have a great time with people just like you! After all, there are special Star Editions just for you!!

Don't be scared about Indy. Those kids that got shot mean nothing. Just kids having fun, right? And none of that TARP money was spent on that construction. No government $$ at all! This is for infrastructure! Who needs manufacturing, distribution, or other businesses?

So watch out when you start to diss this fine city! It's booming! Look at the construction cranes and the cones on i-465! Think about all the money that will flow in from Evansville on the new I-69!

Oh, wait...

2010-08-02 16:33:32

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

Do we ever actually know what's goimg on when it is going on?

Dick Lugar ran into resistance when he advanced the idea of Market Square. Bill Hudnut was vituperized (can that be a verb? I like it.) over the Great Downtown Hole. Is there a possibility that the decision by Goldsmith and Peterson and Ballard will have a positive outcome for the common good...or has everything been predicated on self interest that enables bribery, payoffs, corruption, and the absence of ethics.

I am cynical enough without coming to the conclusion that every decision made by city government, perhaps for decades, is made for politcal expediency and unethical if not illegal gain.

If an old dude wanders the downtown streets with a lamp looking for an honest man, will he find one?

2010-08-02 19:28:29

hendy [Member] said:


Many interests pull in sometimes opposite directions. Everyone has a hand out. The economy needs to grow. The "Sports Capitol" destination and convention business seemed like good infrastructure. My cousin Bobby was in on the midnight express that brought the Colts in. They cost a lot less back then.

To help owners make more money, we went into debt doing bigger stadiums. We dropped MSA. We dropped the Hoosier Dome. Bigger, better, but with a mortgage.

Reggie Miller did wonderful things, just like Peyton Manning, for Indy's pride, experienced vicariously by the people in surrounding counties. There's a lot of $$ being made all around-- save the residents of Marion County unless they work for the Colts or allied/benefiting businesses.

In the meantime, did Goldsmith, Peterson, or Ballard become victims of industrial problems? Yes. United Airlines left. Our hometown air carriers went bankrupt. GM downsized and went bankrupt; Chrysler left almost completely, Ford downsized, Harvester closed, Mallory, Western Electric, Thomson/RCA, and the list goes on. Their fault? Probably not.

Did they fix the sewers? They did not. Did they fix infrastructure? They did not. Were outlandish libraries built? Yup. Not quite Nero playing while Rome burned, but onerous nonetheless. The State legislature did some hand wringing and screwed property taxes beyond imagination. We started relying on *gambling money* as real income. Cigarette and booze taxes.

We took away the governor's King Air plane in some bizarre cost-cutting, but left the National Guard bill at a burn rate that's insane. IPS nearly caved in. The leadership didn't. They did the seemingly 'safe' thing, and we continue to pay for it again, over and over and over.

Yes, there were well-intentioned people. The very road to hell is paved with good intentions. Everyone's too busy making money and grabbing 'power'. Kids are the future, but we've sold their jobs to the Chinese for a good quarterly profits report to Wall Street.

2010-08-02 20:40:52

Whitbeard [unverified] said:

"If an old dude wanders the downtown streets with a lamp looking for an honest man, will he find one?"

Tom, if I could walk, I'd try your test.

But handicap accesibility is really pathetic most places in downtown Indianapolis, so I mostly have to stay away.
Surival of the fittest and all of that.

My wife tried to take me to a sports event recently and we ended up having to drive back home due to lack of accessibility. But that's a rant for another day (smile).

Back to your point....

There still are many honest people left, I think. Maybe they're just a bit harder to locate than the dishonest ones who show up regularly in the paper and on TV.

I'm always encouraged by the people who comment on this blog - great folks, including Ruth. Don't know how many inhabit the nether regions of downtown, though.

2010-08-03 15:00:52

Gary Welsh [unverified] said:

Ruth, Have you noticed how Dennis Ryerson's wife, Mary Milz, constantly does stories about downtown and the value of the sports teams? Tonight, she reported from Chicago on efforts to bring a Big 10 football competition to Lucas Oil. She does story after story about how critical the sports teams are to the future of downtown and the City itself. I thought the complaint of some former Star staffers was that Ryerson was too liberal. There is nothing liberal or remotely enlightening with the endless editorials he publishes and the steady stream of news reports of his wife perpetuating a myth to benefit an elitist group of insiders who personally benefit from the disproportionate attention given to downtown and its sports teams.

2010-08-03 19:44:29

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

It's bread and circuses, Gary: keep the proles amused so they don't have time to dwell on how difficult urban life is becoming.

The Star has no discernible, genuine politcal stance with respect to local news. It is an advertorial for Indianapolis. I say this from distance, though I once lived there...several times, in fact.

2010-08-04 06:41:08

B2 [unverified] said:

For the record, Mary and Dennis are no longer Mr. and Mrs.

Mary's a good person, and a good reporter. She asks tough, direct questions. She has the "city beat" and thus is tasked with reporting on things that directly impact the city.

Like it or not, the Big Ten championship football game would be a significant economic generator for the city.

2010-08-04 11:20:30

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

"Like it or not, the Big Ten championship football game would be a significant "economic generator for the city."

It won't "generate" any tolerable conditions inside IPS' crumbling schools next week where children will be forced to endure 90 degree temperatures without air conditioning.

This "economic generating" pads the wallets of the wealthy. The poor don't even get the crumbs off the table.

2010-08-04 11:35:37

Joe Banks [unverified] said:

Do you have facts to back up "record number of pan handlers downtown"? If you did, why didn't you include them? If you want to be a journalist, BE a journalist.

There may very well be, but we need facts, not opinion - otherwise you might as well be a Gannettoid.

2010-08-04 13:10:08

alice_doe [unverified] said:

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2010-08-11 14:42:29

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