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Dateline: Wed 28 Apr 2010

"There's lawyer time and rest-of-the-world time, and this case is on lawyer time," said Hendricks County Prosecutor Patrucua Baldwin.

"You never want to jump to conclusions legally, so investigations are going to take time."

Oh, bullshit. Could it be that "lawyer time" is being dragged out to infinity because this case involves rich Carmel High School jocks, one of whose parent is supposedly an attorney? Could the incident also be on a slow bus to China because Carmel is only interested in protecting its golden-boy image? Is it possible that in another school system, the allegation that freshmen athletes were raped by seniors get a little more attention? And coaches who were supposedly in charge would be disciplined and/or shown the door?

Just questions.

The Star's Robert Annis gets kudos for gathering the above quote and for reporting on this ongoing story on Page 1 of the newspaper today. More props go to former Indy public safety director Robert Turner, who represents one of the alleged victims in the incident and has filed a claim, which will lead to a lawsuit, on behalf of his client.

Carmel Clay Schools must not realize how much these two alleged incidents -- one on a Carmel High School bus Jan. 22, one in the school's locker room Jan. 8, all involving male students -- have hurt the school. Well, not even the allegations so much as the lack of swift response from the people in charge...

Yes, as Annis reports, "four senior players were kicked off the Carmel varsity basketball team in February" in the bus incident, which took place on the road in Hendricks County. Hence the convoluted legal involvement of Baldwin's office.

That is something, but meantime, stories are stewing and Carmel's rep is in the toilet.

Carmel supposedly has "implemented new procedures to prevent similiar ikncidents from occurring," Annis reports.

Yet, Annis says, "Turner said his client's family has been waiting to meet with school officials about those procedures."


Meanwhile, the criminal investigation will continue into next month or so, the Star reports. At this point, all confidence in the school and its officials is, like the incidents themselves, buried in the sands of time.





guy77money [unverified] said:

Apparently one of the kids kicked off was the son of a former I.U. basketball player.

2010-04-28 09:19:27

ruthholl [Member] said:

Ah ha....
Was there a racial element involved? A friend has asked; I assumed not, never heard it before...
My info is just coming from people who live/work/etc in that area. They are pretty disgusted.

2010-04-28 10:29:38

p-squared [unverified] said:

These boys were raped? Are you sure about that?

2010-04-28 14:13:27

ruthholl [Member] said:

It was a Carmel parent who used the term. The parent is the dad of a senior.
This parent was not talking about rape as we usually construe it -- penis penetration, male on female (or male on male). But my understanding is the victims allegedly were violated with an instrument/object of some sort.
Obviously these are sordid details, but since there is so much mystery around this case, parents and others are left to speculate.
So am I sure? No. I have not seen the allegations or civil claim and obviously there's been no court case, etc. Nothing is resolved.
My information comes from two adults who are involved with the high school.
The Star reported that possible crimes being investigated include "criminal deviate conduct," which is defined as an act that "knowingly or willingly causes another person to submit to sexual deviate conduct."
We are left to use our imaginations...and that's conjuring up all sorts of scenarios.
Once again, the school needs to get out ahead of this story...

2010-04-28 18:04:10

Gail Alexander [unverified] said:

Amos Brown is watching this situation very closely and has promised a community response should it come out that one or both of the victims are black. He contended weeks ago that because the family hired Robert Turner to represent them, they likely are African-American. If that is the case, this could develop into an even larger issue than it already is.

2010-04-29 06:44:51

Marycatherine Barton [unverified] said:

I've heard worse stories about the football team at another suburban county high school, and those victims were white, but did not file a complaint. Like Ruth said, the way this whole matter regarding the publicized complaints of sexual assault re Carmel students is being handled, is PATHETIC.

2010-04-30 00:24:05

liz [unverified] said:

If they drag their feet long enough, these creeps will graduate and allow the school to distance themselves even further from the problem. Then maybe these boys-will-be-boys can move on to fraternity hazing.

2010-04-30 08:35:42

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